How health care gets more expensive

3quarksdaily: "Modern doctors and patients reflexively undermine good, inexpensive tools."

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Celebrity Religion

Cable Christianity, Page 2 of 2 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Orthodox creedal Christianity cannot believe in real progress without conceding that they have been in thrall to celebrity religion based on the very miracles that Jesus is said to have rejected when he emerged to speak his piece. Orthodox Christianity solves the mystery of human nature by consigning it to doom unless it embraces celebrity religion."

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Would not a large deduction be the key

Employer Survey Shows Big Jump In Health Insurance Premiums : Shots - Health Blog : NPR:

Would not a large deduction be the key
For many who might otherwise break free
From taking on responsibility
Leaving the problem to their family

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We'll save ourselves by mixing everything

We'll save ourselves by mixing everything
Our binaries to triads shall be turned
Me cultures and we cultures will embrace chronology
And learn the deeper meanings of common democracy

Letter from China : The New Yorker:

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Eden was a setup to blame God for human sin

Per Caritatem:

Eden was a setup to create a place for priests
To to moralize their way to sinecures
That's not the way it was nor what was meant to be
But ancient gullibility endures

The tax lobby slurps at our expense

Corporations Couldn’t Wait to ‘Check the Box’ on Huge Tax Break - ProPublica: "A simple rule meant to cut paperwork for U.S. companies has grown into one of the biggest multinational tax breaks around, costing the United States and other governments billions of dollars in lost taxes each year.

It thrives thanks to determined business support, including a campaign two years ago that forced the Obama administration to retreat from altering it and tax professionals worldwide who exploit its benefits."

The tax lobby slurps at our expense
And Democrats aren't even on the fence
They stand with a napkin to wipe the greed off
And don't even blink when we say they've gone soft

Sexism is rampant in higher education

Men far more likely to benefit from affirmative action in college admissions - Political Hotsheet - CBS News:

Sexism is rampant in high education
Isn't it odd that it still should be so
Hardly at all given our obfuscation
Given the truth we have eons to go

Wall Street invaded by cops

Lawrence O’Donnell rips ‘unprovoked police brutality’ at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ | Raw Replay: "Video recordings showed female protesters being rounded up in an orange-colored mesh pen by police and subsequently sprayed with mace without any provocation, and other protesters being dragged across the street by police."

"When you die you go to heaven
There'll be no policemen there"

- Hobo's Lullaby
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Roger Ailes knows where the people are

Keith slams Fox News chief: Roger Ailes is no moderate | Raw Replay:

Roger Ailes knows where the people are
And he pursues them with his hoary wiles
Keith knows the awful things Roger has done
The truth would fill up many files

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I make tough choices by finding out which choice I prefer

Deep brain stimulation studies show how brain buys time for tough choices:

I make tough choices by finding out which choice I prefer
When I don't really know I consult my unconscious
I assign values to each choice for the following terms
Me Nature Society Shells Networks Pleasure Financial Manifestation
The way I answer reveals to me my actual state of mind
I go with the winner
Sometimes I know just by starting this process
It is also a means of ranking multiple options

How human kindness killed Rick Perry

Rick Perry on immigration: Do Republicans believe in states' rights? - By David Weigel - Slate Magazine:

Pity the poor immigrant
Rick Perry meet Bob Dylan
Just when we wanted to assume you were the worst of the worst
You were saying nice things about innocent children
The irony is hardly lost
Being nice does not win GOP nominations
You lost for being nice

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One day most human movement will create energy for the planet

Microsoft’s modular handset design misses powerful opportunity | SmartPlanet:

Surfaces we walk on will power turbines with their oscillations
At least they will when someone builds my cyber-community

To tear down the wall time had made

TalkShoe - Call - A Stranger Named Peace:

A Stranger named Peace
Sent his Son one day
To tear down the wall time had made

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You get to be an Antichrist

You get to be an Antichrist
(It is a badge of honor)
By seeing religion as being
A crutch based on
False hopes
And by embracing secular
And universal goals
In short in being one of
The world that is becoming

Those who scream frantically
At us
(We believe all are one)
Are enemies of Jesus
Who uphold dead religion
Like skins of roadkill
For us to honor
A most sad display

As if we might ever bow to
Their false truth
We won't
And Jesus walks free of their
Creedal perfidy

I used to be a DJ

TalkShoe - Call - Stephen C. Rose Up Close and Personal:

I used to be a DJ
A regular morning man
In Pittsfield, Massachusetts
I never had a plan
I just got tired of writing
Eagle fish wrapping
And so I went to GRG
And got into rapping
Talk is different than prose
And sometimes more revealing
There's more nuance and more verve
And sometimes even healing
I miss those days of free expression
I was spinning vinyl then
Of one thing I am fairly certain
I'll never spin again

Cell Phone Bling Video Nods To Veblen

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Thorstein Veblen had a mind

Thorstein Veblen on the Web - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

Thorstein Veblen had a mind
That went beyond all boundaries
History's been most unkind
When thinkers upset our ease
Thorstein upset everything
By mostly speaking truth
And now our world is full of bling
Predictably uncouth

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Will Congress Ever Resuscitate

Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews - TIME.com:

The House for now is a lost cause
But there's a two year limit
We can turn out the malcontents
As many as are in it
The Senate is a salient break
On mob rule run amok
And sometimes it can do what's right
Mainly it's nip and tuck
All told our fair democracy
Still functions fairly well
It just takes time for things to change
And new ideas to jell

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Is America Gaining or Losing Power

What pray tell might power be
Brute force we have in spades
If not brute force then brains to spare
Though thought of late is strained
I do not think we're losing power
Perception is askew
We still possess democracy
Which means we still can do

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At Least President Obama Listened to Rick Perry

The WSJ is complaining that Obama is criticizing the GOP
He's earned the right
And no American will fault him
Fair is fair
He has been playing rope-a-dope
He has won his All Americans stripes
Nobody thinks he is partisan when it comes to solutions
The GOP has rejected every solution it once proposed
The GOP has not protested when its right wing uses every filthy expression to skewer the President
The GOP has not backed all Americans
Has Obama
To the wealthy he has said fair is fair
To the poor he has said this is a recipe for national decline
We must move up not down
To the middle class he has said
I am on your side
He criticized Rick Perry
For dissing the truth of man made climate desecration
Rick Perry should be grateful that someone was listening to him

My friend Will Campbell

We met in the Smoky Mountains in 1961. We worked together off and on until this year. Will is well into his 80s. I called his little office in Mt. Juliet, just a one-room building down the hill from his house. After several attempts the announcement came. Account closed. I rarely called his home though Brenda is as dear to me as anyone. Privacy is honored. But I finally did call and left a message and then got through. It was so good to hear Brenda's voice. She was good to me when I was going through some hell of my own. Will suffered a stroke. He can maybe recognize Brenda. He is a giant of the civil rights movement. Born and raised in Liberty, Mississippi. Iconoclastic Christian. White. Acerbic. Much quoted. Irascible. An author of prize-winning narratives and a surpassingly good novel called The Glad River. Speech has been robbed of one of its most treasured voices.

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