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A service of communion for all

I wrote the following song  in the 1970sIt assumes that the communion as we have it can be done in myriad ways and does not require a formal serviceThis this music is able in effect to administer communion to anyone anywhereFrom the way it is done the reason should be obviousIt is an MP3 free to all
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Outline for a novel

I am hipped on the James Ellroy mode of doing historyThat would be using real figures and creating fictional actors who interactwith the movers and shakersThe trilogy that includes American Tabloid and the Cold Six Thousand are exemplaryI like these the best of what I have read thus farThey are set in the late 50s and early 60sThe lead male characters would not be on the dance cards of most peopleAll of them kill with more or less causeAll exist in the demi-world where tawdry sexViolenceOrganized crimeand Racismare endemicThere is seepage between that world And the world of official historyEllroy convincingly createsthe backdrop for the assassinations of JFK MLK and RFKHe establishes to my satisfactionthe likelihood that all of these assassinations were not the work of single shootersBut grew out of a plausible environment where the driving forceis hate  To create this plausible environment is challenge Ellroy met and overcame
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Traffic Musings

I am wondering how much search engines count any moreOnly a small fraction of my visitors are referred by Google sites and no other engines appear in my statsMySpace leads all othersFacebook not much at allI suppose one could gin up search engine traffic byfollowing the varied rules of SEOBut I wonder if the reality has not changed And if one would notbe best advised to reach the Social Networks
Full disclosureMy daily traffic after a few months varies between a few hundred and a thousand page views dailyWhen I am active it is generally closer to 1000I have no idea how reliable the Blogger stats areThe only way I measure impact/influence is if I hear things I have said echoed elsewhereThat means a community of interest has formedRegardless what or who the source may beIn the realm of things like values and global democratic revolution It is the spread and depth of community that counts
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Veblen had Marx tagged from the gitgo

"Except as a whole and except in the light of its postulates and aims, the Marxian system is not only not tenable, but it is not even intelligible. A discussion of a given isolated feature of the system (such as the theory of value) from the point of view of classical economics (such as that offered by Bohm-Bawerk) is as futile as a discussion of solids in terms of two dimensions."


Veblen had Marx tagged from the gitgo
False assumptions false conclusions breed He like Peirce was deemed unfit to know And thus we lose the truths that we most need

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To avoid the snow

To avoid the snowLive in a stadium structure with a retractable roofCar free with room for 10K inhabitantsSo you have a viable economyAnd the money necessary to create a shared existence which is SustainablePleasureableSecureand SensibleThink cyber-communityThink pattern languageThink anything but what we now have
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Let's celebrate October snow

Storm Could Dump a Foot of Snow on N.E. - TIME: "Sections of the Northeast were bracing for an October snowfall Saturday as a storm moving up the East Coast was expected to combine with a cold air mass and dump anywhere from a dusting of snow to about 10 inches throughout the area. "In Phoenix, it's 113 all summer long," the 79-year-old Patrylak, of Glastonbury, said Friday. "So, it just depends on where you are and what the weather is and you learn to accept that. Whatever it is, I'm going to be ready for it.""
Let's celebrate October snow And find away around it Like living in New Mexico Oh oh looks like we've found it
Flakes falling (as I wrote) within ten feet of me 8 stories up snug as can be.

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Regulation should be common sense

Obama's Way: "Here's what it comes down to: This administration is in favor of smart regulations that protect middle-class families and consumers, and against burdensome ones that don't do anything but waste time and taxpayers' money."

Regulation should be common senseTo keep tabs on competence And ensure there's recompense When wrongs lead to evil ends

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No wonder Occupy's mainstream


"1. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president?
Approve……………………………………………………..27% Disapprove…………………………………………………. 73 2. Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?
No wonder Occupy's mainstream The people know exactly what they mean Nothing is going quite as it should So now it's up to us to forge new good

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Here's some small print you don't want to read

Obama administration’s new proposal would erode strength of FOIA | The Washington Independent: "The Sunlight Foundation has a rundown of new rules (PDF) the U.S. Department of Justice recently proposed for Freedom of Information Act requests."

Here's some small print you don't want to read
The DOJ versus transparency Access to stuff should be easy and free Why should our government know more than we

This is America not Kyrgyzstan but this sounds like their media law. Indonesia is in the mix too with a brand new rotten intelligence law. When will we learn?

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Watch Obama's Weekly Video

Weekly Address: We Can’t Wait to Create Jobs | The White House: "President Obama says that we can’t wait for Congress to take action to grow the economy and create jobs -- and highlights actions he took to help families refinance their mortgages, put veterans to work, and lower the cost of student loans."

Watch Obama's weekly video
He cuts to the chase he does not lie
Like Mitch McConnell who blames everything on O Watch this and then tell Mitch nice try

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Cain flaunts constriction and succeeds

Cain momentum continues; South could be key - Yahoo! News: "Block argues that next year's compressed primary calendar means more states will play larger roles. So instead of tromping around New Hampshire trying to win over skeptics, the campaign team is revving up support in states where Cain's small government, anti-tax message and church revival-style delivery resonate with voters."

Cain flaunts constriction and succeedsMore than one way might be his mantra While pundits scratch their heads until they bleed And Karl Rove's anger builds up ever fasta

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Houses as we know them are passé

Houses as we know them are passéWe need new flat secure thin soundproof walls like lego piecesWe need to create a circulatory system that transcends single dwellingsWe need to mass produce rooms customized like carsWe need to build for billions
Houses as we know them are cash cowsHouses as we know them do not workHouses as we know them speak dispersion
The answer is cyber-communityA physical eco-matrixThat can be the skeleton for all those lego-likeSurfacesThat will be the rooms and spaces of theFuture
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I would make PCs the Everything

HP keeps its PC business: Price war, crumbling profit margins next | ZDNet: "Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman crunched the numbers and determined that the company had to keep its PC division. The big question now is how far HP will go on pricing to defend its PC market share."

I would make PCs the everythingAs they already are in prospect Only improved to be The only thing We need to See and hear and speak with Period
A minimal solution to thing glut
I would out gadget gadgets with new smarts And blissful simplicity And cloud-centric security
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