Cyberspace tips gently toward the good

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Cyberspace tips gently toward the good
In view of anyone with eyes to see
Truth rises up as discourse runs its course
And truth perceived sets all who see it free

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A game by definition can't be won

A game by definition can't be won
Victory is when Abba's will is done
All else is dross and jetsam 'neath the sun
Condemned to dry as bones when life is done

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The Tao transcends all judgments on all souls

The Tao transcends all judgments on all souls
And those who do not judge can wander free
As nomads of this living universe
Their eyes on one within who is to be 

Guilt by association

Time To Rid The Streets Of The "Occupy" Movement - OpEd:

"Communist Party, USA
American Nazi Party
Revolutionary Communist Party
Industrial Workers of the World
International Bolshevik Tendency
International Socialist Organization
Marxist Student Union
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Party for Socialism and Liberation
President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi
The Revolutionary Guards of Iran
Communist Party of China
Louis Farrakhan, National of Islam
Black Panthers"

All this demonstrates is that the Occupy movement has learned something while the opponents on the Right are using the tactics of the worst of the Right to try to dislodge a movement that will likely grow apace even as the weather in some parts of the world becomes hard to endure. I walked through Zucotti Park yesterday and the sign that came to me is THIS IS HERE TO STAY.

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The 99 should all be seen as workers

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The 99 should all be seen as workers
As should the one percent if truth be told
And workers of the world are now uniting
In ways that Marx could never have foretold

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Where Peirce and I agree wholeheartedly

Where Peirce and I agree wholeheartedly
Is in how he defines philosophy
“an experiential, or positive science, 
but a science which rests on no special observations,
 made by special observational means,
 but on phenomena which lie open to the observation of every man, 
every day and hour” (CP 7.526)

Cap tip Gary F.

My comment
Were Peirce living now he might degenderize
But I think this opens semiotics as
What takes place all the time in all minds
Like spermatazoa a plethora
Will just pass through or by
But when a rare one connects with
Which through the interaction of sign and interpreter
Becomes act
A prelude to a habit or hypothesis or followup
Something actual and real to us
A candidate among a million others
For advancement to being
Yet another sign
Then yet another

Signs go on and on and on 
In layer after layer
Nest after nest
And all minds contribute 
To the same process

Semiotics is merely an effort to describe how this may work

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Here in November warm as toast

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Here in November warm as toast
Manhattan basks in autumn sun
You'd almost think that all was well
And that our wrongs were all undone

Mildred Purse Says Buck Up It Could Be Worse

Mitch McConnell could be your lover. Newt Gingrich could be you permanent cellmate. Sarah Palin could be the only voice you will ever hear. Just be glad this is a democracy.

If the GOP Congress Won't Join Us

Joe Biden Warns Congressional GOP Against Stalling Obama's Jobs Plan: ""If the Republican Congress won't join us, we're going to continue to act on our own to make the changes that we can to bring relief to middle-class families and those aspiring to get in the middle class," Biden said."

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See also: ShortFormContent at Blogger: Biden's mojo video:

Only will can realize just dreams

Only will can realize just dreams
Just dreams will vanish unless turned to acts
Transforming values live within our wills
Always prepared to mould  dreams into facts

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We go back in memory alone

ShortFormContent at Blogger: When you can't win what do you do:

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We go back in memory alone
Though time can amplify that as it will
Some evidences left survive and grow
And merge until the space they have is filled

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The cloud is a universal future

Siri Outages Indicate Apple Still Doesn’t Get the Cloud - Digg: "So Apple still doesn't get the Cloud. I guess that's why they have the most popular app store and pretty much created a web platform for the music companies to sell their music. It's this little app called iTunes. Maybe you've heard of it."

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Salient comment. Don't people know the cloud is a universal future? Part of the heavening of earth project obscured by nominalist theologions and corporate clergy yea thee many years.

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Laugh all you want

GOP Candidates Praise Reagan, Berate Obama - Politics News Story - KRDO Colorado Springs:

"The governor also elicited a laugh with a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement.
"You might say we're involved in a project called 'Operation Occupy the White House,'" Perry said."

Ultimately it is the folk at Occupy who are in synch with the American mood, sick of GOP games and our inability to act even when the writing is on the wall. Relentlessly the GOP will try to blame Obama. Their overreach will spell their doom. They will buy only their own downfall by being phony, hypocritical and mean-spirited..

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Churches as tourist destinations

Abyssinian Baptist Church - New York, NY, 10030 - Citysearch:

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I have never really cottoned to the institutional church since it is inevitably corporate. The idea of two lines one for tourists is frankly weird. Not what Jesus mandated.

The potential power of switching banks

Why Bank Transfer Day (Today) Is Only the Beginning of Something Huge - Digg: "alternet.org — The movement to make sure our money serves our own values rather than the bottom line of huge banks will only gain energy as small victories accumulate. The simple fact that one ordinary citizen using social media tools can start a grass fire of protest that captures massive media attention and connects hundreds of thousands of people to useful information is an encouraging sign of where our society is headed. Every single person who actually goes ahead with a switch of banks is casting a potent vote in the long-range democratization of finance ..."

Find me one that embraces non-idolatry, democracy, helpfulness and tolerance.

Read the entire piece.

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We voted them in. We can vote them out. (Cartoon)

Congress: Dedicated to distraction

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Let's listen to him now

Why Didn't We Listen To Teddy Roosevelt Over 100 Years Ago? - Digg: "front.moveon.org — "I recommend a law prohibiting all corporations from contributing to the campaign expenses of any party. Let individuals contribute as they desire; but let us prohibit in effective fashion all corporations from making contributions for any political purpose, directly or indirectly" -Teddy Roosevelt 1906 "

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Nothing is original

The Smart Set: Creative Class - October 31, 2011: "the loss of an artwork’s aura has withered away in an age when the surfeit of calendars and posters — not to mention the T-shirts and coffee mugs and refrigerator magnets — reproduce Picasso images for casual consumption. When we actually confront the original, can we see it for its own sake, or do we compare it to the copy in our minds? 

Beyond this withering aura, something else strikes the viewer of these drawings: they question our understanding of creativity itself as a uniquely original endeavor. "

Originality is a nominalist fantasy.

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"Forcibly disappeared" in Kenya

“Hold Your Heart” | Human Rights Watch: "This 48-page report examines the attempts of families of those forcibly disappeared by the Kenyan army and the SLDF militia to seek truth and justice. In the last three years, the Kenyan government has done little to assist victims in their search, Human Rights Watch said, and has not ensured an independent, impartial inquiry into the abuses by either side."

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Ransdell's approach is provocative

Ransdell's approach is provocative. He begins:

"[1] The thesis of my paper is that it is doubtful that any distinction should be drawn between empirical and nonempirical semiotics or even between experimental and nonexperimental semiotics. Doing so tends to reproduce within the semiotics movement the present academic distinction between the sciences and the humanities which semiotics should aim at discouraging, rather than reinforcing. But to overcome this undesirable dichotomy, it is necessary to disentangle the conceptions of the experiential, the experimental and the empirical from certain other complexes of ideas with which they have become associated by accident rather than necessity."

Cap Tip Steven

I would toss in the following. All signs - trillions per day - are potentially empirical if we mean that all signs can pass through the process of  blunt truth to the result of synthesis in a tangible result. What we have as empirically proved (for the moment) are the result of a community process continually amended as time passes. There is no boundary between science and reality. There is as suggested above no distinction between the sciences and the humanities and today both suffer from creating rigid and false distinctions between the two.

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