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Subscribe to your home

In the future we will subscribe to everything
To our home our country our schools
In the future we will be liberated from imprisonment
To mortgages to debts to charges to false rules

Tahrir Two - Serial Revolution

This is the century of serial revolutionIt will not happen this year or nextIt will happen every year like ripples moving on waterPropelled by a wind not of change but of resolutionThe resolution to have life for all on equal termsWomen men children allYoung old with none so rich that there are poorNo dictators no armies no ruleThe second revolution globally will be endOf military rule Whether it is overt as in Egypt Or covert as in the USIn Egypt bulletsHere pepper spray
We are all in thisWe are winningWe will win
The reign of the dictators is overSo to the reign of the corporationsSo too the reign of the militaryThis is the century of serial revolutionOf eyes opening daily If redemption within the immanent frame
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Part of a Scene from Markman: A Film About Jesus

Markman: A Film About Jesus:

TIGER: Ask Reverend Calmus Jones. Markman used to work for the Reverend.

    MAYOR: Oh? Worked for him, really? Huh.

    TIGER: Troublemaker, so I've heard. But nothing that can't be handled.

    MAYOR: I don't think you understand. I met with Rizzoli and the others just now. They weren't too happy about the WATTERS publicity.

    TIGER: Ah. The wise guys are upset. They ain't seen nothing yet.

    MAYOR: They said don't make waves.

    TIGER: We're gonna make waves like this town has never seen, And when it's all over all the assholes and bleeding heart agitators are gonna be twisting in the wind. And all the coupon clipping fags with their fat bottom lines will be twisting in the wind, gonzo. What do you think I'm about, fucking penny ante?"

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The wall of the future in car-free communities

SpecificationsIt will be mass-produced as cars wereIt will be thin requiring no insulation It will have fold-out elements What we once called furnitureIt will be cyberfied with capacities forlight and sound and communicationsIt will combine strength with lightnessIt will combine stability with malleabilityIt will slot into a matrix which will take the place of what we once called plumbingThe matrix will supply energy, sanitation and recycling To an entire community ofUp to 10,000
Walls will be an element of spacesAll manner of democratically determined spaces can beCreated in a car free community Where people are able to walk safelyFrom one end to the other In all directionsWhere children can playWhere people can meet and talk in little squaresWhere shops are cyber-kiosks curated by experts
Something there is that will comeTo love a wall
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The Occupy agenda is right here

ShortFormContent at Blogger: At times, horizontalism can feel like utopian theatre.

You see I have merely suggested the parameters. All depends on people deciding what they want. But it does involve the most tactile reality. What we called houses. What we called transportation. What we called plumbing. What we called education. Occupy knows with me that we need to build an entirely new world. That we will build such. All I am doing is stating the obvious. That it be car free where we are living. That it be open to anyone and affordable to all. That it be chosen. That it be universal. Of course the fact that this solves global warming is incidental. I have reached my shortform limit.

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At times, horizontalism can feel like utopian theatre.

Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the Creators of Occupy Wall Street : The New Yorker: "At times, horizontalism can feel like utopian theatre. Its greatest invention is the “people’s mike,” which starts when someone shouts, “Mike check!” Then the crowd shouts, “Mike check!,” and then phrases (phrases!) are transmitted (are transmitted!) through mass chanting (through mass chanting!). In the same way that poker ritualizes capitalism and North Korea’s mass games ritualize totalitarianism, the people’s mike ritualizes horizontalism. The problem, though, comes when multiple people try to summon the mike simultaneously. Then it can feel a lot like anarchy."

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More from the New Yorker Occupy Article

Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the Creators of Occupy Wall Street : The New Yorker: "“Micah, this is a wonderful draft,” Holmes replied on September 22nd, when White e-mailed her Adbusters’ proposed letter. “However, the General Assembly is going through this very process of drafting a statement. It should be ready this afternoon.” A week later, the General Assembly adopted a “Declaration of the Occupation,” which is more a world view than a list of demands. “We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies. . . . No true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power.” The rest of the six-hundred-word declaration is taken up mainly by “grievances,” which place the blame for everything from poison in the food supply to cruelty to animals on these corporate forces, also known as “they.” What should be done to remedy these grievances? “Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public sp…

Best Occupy Piece of The Week Thus Far

Kalle Lasn and Micah White, the Creators of Occupy Wall Street : The New Yorker: "Lasn and White quickly hammered out a post-Zuccotti plan. White would draft a new memorandum, suggesting that Phase I—signs, meetings, camps, marches—was now over. Phase II would involve a swarming strategy of “surprise attacks against business as usual,” with the potential to be “more intense and visceral, depending on how the Bloombergs of the world react.” White could hear the excitement in Lasn’s voice. Even as Lasn vented about the morning’s counterrevolution, he was doing what he could not to splash."

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Resolving abortion once and for all

Helping Trafficking Victims Isn’t Biased » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "The “conscience protections” he mentions are really a license for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, powerful lobbyists whose political agenda differs from lay Catholics sitting in the pews, who contracted with the government to provide services to victims of trafficking, to refuse to provide access to one set of critical services—the full range of reproductive health care, which includes contraception and abortion."

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Those who understand that contraception amounts to abortion are correct, but all this recognition should do is to legitimize abortion for any and all reasons. Human beings are meant to exercise responsibility when it comes to children including the newborn. That they do not is the product of religion as much as anything else. Religion should espouse the values of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry. Instead s…

The Grass Roots Church

The Grass Roots Church: "The denominations of the Church, while diminishing in strength and influence, are still formidable. They command great financial resources, including almost unbelievable investments in corporations and real estate. It is highly unrealistic to assume that the power inherent in the current denominational enterprise will not be used in some way, and it is highly irresponsible to forfeit at least the possibility of some influence on how this power is used. "

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The dead were soon eaten. Their bones dried by the sun.

Herodotus meets Ellroy:
"Both sides continue to test the waters. Battles are costly. Every time a blade does its appointed work, a sorry subject falls. Such sorry subjects pile up on both sides. Pteria is filled with nameless corpses, Cyrus and Croesus called it even and retired with boasts of victory. The dead were soon eaten. Their bones dried by the sun."

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Alex Rodriguez had a point but baseball writers are not the swiftest of sorts

Yankees skipper Joe Girardi misses out on AL Manager of Year Award honors | News: ""For me, he's obviously the Manager of the Year," third baseman Alex Rodriguez said in September."

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Fifth place is pretty shabby for the guy who  propelled a weird aggregation to first place in the most difficult division in baseball.

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Perry Never Lacks for Another Way to Lose

Perry Stands By Ad, Calls Obama A 'Socialist' - Politics News Story - KESQ Palm Springs: "(CNN) -- In defending his latest television ad, Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday continued his attack strategy against President Barack Obama and emphatically called him a "socialist."
"Absolutely," Perry said in an interview on Fox News. "I think Barack Obama is a socialist."
Conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly was the latest to question the presidential candidate over the validity of his new TV ad, which claims Obama believes Americans are lazy."

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Anyone wanna bet on the next Internet bubble?

Is Unprofitable Yelp Ready for their $100 Million IPO? - Digg: " — Are they ready? They aren't turning a profit, yet, with losses of $7.4 million in the first 3 quarters of 2011. Traffic is up 63% over last year with 61 million monthly visitors, but they are still behind other less-known social sites like myYearbook and in terms of pure visits. Some critics are pointing to their reliance on Google traffic as a flaw in their business model. 1 day 3 hr ago"

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Will a Conservative victory send Spain toward the cliff?

Spain election: Conservatives set to win landslide victory, exit polls show. - Digg: " — Spain’s conservative party were set to win an overwhelming victory as the nation went to the polls to choose a government to steer the country through a looming debt crisis. Initial exit polls suggested the Popular Party had secured between 181 and 185 seats, compared to 154 in the last legislature and that the socialists could only hope to win between 115 and 119 seats. The final results were not expected until late into Sunday night. Mariano Rajoy, leader of the centre-right Popular Party (PP) was on course to win an absolute majority, as voters punished the ruling Socialists for their perceived mishandling of the economy. But the 56-year old will have little time to savour his victory as fears grow that the debt laden nation may yet need to seek a bail-out after borrowing costs last week edged towards an unsustainable level. "

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You do not disappear someone no matter what the NYT or HRW says

I'm drawing a lineIt is evidently OK to now sayJames disappeared MaryorTunisia disappeared five terroristsYou can cause someone to disappearBut you cannot disappear someoneZapped would be a more appropriate termOr killedOr concealedI do not expect to prevailMerely to point out that language suffers slings and arrowsFrom those who should know better
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