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My Amazing 2012 Prediction Exclusive

There is a vacancy on the Supreme CourtPresident Obama does not think twiceHe appoints Joe Biden the one Democrat the Senate will definitely confirmYou do not need to wait a second to infer the resultHillary Clinton sails into the Vice Presidential slotDo we need to go fartherThis is the coup de grace  all aroundThe Democrats win of course 
Global Online Privacy

The Tangled Web That Is Sudan Sudan: A Civil Society Deferred - Failure of the Sudanese Nation-State - a Debate On a Book By Abdullahi Gallab: "Sudanese state failure is evident not only in Southern secession, but is also manifested in the rebellions in Darfur, the Nuba mountains and amongst the Beja of Eastern Sudan. More recently it has been revitalised within the heterogeneous opposition forces of the 'New South' - a loosely affiliated political movement now growing in the new Republic of Sudan which has identified weaknesses within the NCP regime and is keen to exploit this moment to break its hold on the country. It is possible that we are now observing (or experiencing) a transformational moment in Sudanese history, when the continuities that Gallab illustrates - of imperial domination for two centuries (from Egyptian, to British, to military government) - are at last thrown off, and are replaced with a pluralist state that reflects the human plurality of what was (prior to July),…

Always come back because these always change

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Think about spaces and what could go there:

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Bookmark or subscribe or follow and then come back and explore. Most posts never survive in their virgin form. They are corrected or - as in the case of the one noted here - added to. This complex of blogs contains the developing components for a revaluation of values and a reconstruction of the world around pattern language principles. We are in the century of sea change from a predatory to a helping world.

Global Online Privacy

Think about spaces and what could go there

Forgotten Spaces : Somerset House: "Forgotten Spaces is about looking at the future development of our cities differently. Based on an open ideas competition run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), architects, engineers, students and designers of all kinds were invited to submit proposals for overlooked spaces across Greater London."

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Cap tip Alice

My proposal for any area a mile square. Create a four level cyber-community with residences for up to 10,000 who live there by choice in modular spaces the subscribe to. These spaces are enclosed in a matrix that conducts all energy, water and waste and most ecological things are done on site. These are car free with no more than a mile from one side to the other. These to be built on pattern language principles and to contain all things needed for a small city including businesses, shops (kiosks where you order things), education (kiosks where you learn by choice) and all manner of health an…