Piers Morgan should avoid politics

Piers Morgan should avoid politics
That is he should speak with some authority
He has none
Other than to echo others
That is why he casually dismisses Obama as naive
He will change his tune
Of course
When he is shown to have been utterly wrong
When Obama emerges from his strategy of rope a dope
With the championship
Piers Morgan is not the only deluded person out there
But he is being well paid and that is somewhat galling
But that is the way of the current world
So it is best just to call him out
And state your case 
And have done with it

Then there is this:

Why CNN Will Fire Piers Morgan - Guy Fawkes blog

Oil and Gas Prices Are Not The Worst of It

Oil Passes $97 a Barrel; Gas Prices Drop - TIME:

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The worst is the total cost of the way we live, which is a response to the way things have been established. The distances we drive. The number of cars we need. The houses we must maintain. The tuitions we must pay. It is fine if you are an affluent society. We are not that any more if we ever were. We need to build an affordable alternative. We will build it. It will be better whan what we now have.

Peirce's Threes Described Simply - By Peirce

In 1904, CSP gave a "grammar free" definition of a relation in terms of firstness, secondness and thirdness. By "grammar free", I mean that it was not based on predicate logic and was closer to the existential diagrammatic logics he proposed. It is consistent with the iconicity of chemical notation.

"Firstness is the mode of being of that which is such as it is, positively and without reference to anything else.

Secondness is the mode of being of that which is such as it is, with respect to a second but regardless of any third.

Thirdness is the mode of being of that which is such as it is, in bringing a second and third in relation to each other."   - Letter to Lady Welby, 1904 Oct 12, (CP 8.328)

Cap tip Jerry

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Self-transformation is what Abba does

Abba's Way:

Self-transformation is what Abba does;
For every self on earth must be transformed.
Abba makes diamonds from selves in the rough;
Abba enables us to be reborn.

Then nothing ill need ever come to you;

Abba's Way:

Then nothing ill need ever come to you;
Just know your passions and direct them well.
Then you will overcome in all you do;
And have good stories you can tell yourself.

Occupy MOMA

MOMA is the NYC Museum of Modern Art.

Why occupy it?

Its charges tilt toward making it available only to the one percent.

When to occupy it.

During its few free hours usually on Friday. Remain there until they lower or eliminate the charges.

Caveat:: MOMA is private property as is Trump Towers as is more and more of Manhattan.

Colorado Hydraulic Fracturing Information

Hydraulic Fracturing Information: "Hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracing”) has been used by the natural gas and oil industry since the 1940s.  In Colorado by the 1970’s fracing became a routine completion technique for most wells.  When properly conducted, modern fracing is a safe, sophisticated, highly engineered and controlled procedure.   Because of the public’s interest in and concern about the potential impacts of fracing on public health and the environment, including surface and ground water resources, the COGCC has compiled the documents and links listed below.  We hope that you find this information useful in helping to understand more about fracing: what it is, why it is done, how it is regulated, and how the public and environment are protected."

Still time to speak up. Deadline for comments now Dec. 5.

Yes, turn passions to virtues, every one

Abba's Way:

Yes, turn passions to virtues, every one;
Let devils turn to angels, as they will.
Let wild dogs sing like birds in the bright sun;
And let each passion wells of goodness fill.

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Superfluous workers and the green charade

Superfluous workers are all with no jobs for all reasons
Their number will increase until my ideas are taken seriously
(Only a generalist can come up with ideas today as 
expertise has vitiated any comprehensive thinking 
and committees are mere shows)
The green charade is our feints at conservation which do nothing
to solve the ongoing developing crisis
We will not solve the problem of superfluous workers, 
green impotence and economic decline
until we concede that our sprawl society built around the necessity of cars
Is a loss leader and impossible to sustain
By creating car free communities and attendant reforms
Such as the radical scaling down of education 
until it is a local, walkable thing that is face to face and voluntary for students
And the complete rezoning of everything so we can have small cities wherever we live
Until then we are whistling in the wind 
And none of the greatest minds on the planet has gotten the point

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Jobs Act Tax Calculator | The White House

Jobs Act Tax Calculator | The White House:

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We Should All Forget The National Anthem

Former 'Idol' Lauren Alaina Flubs National Anthem At Lions/Packers Game: 'I Messed Up' - Yahoo! TV:

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It is a mindless, bellicose, illogical, gory, sentimental and idolatrous lyric that belongs to our barbaric past. There are vastly better songs that would serve us better. Among them My Country 'Tis of Thee and America The Beautiful and God Bless America. The Anthem should be shelved along with the horrendous God Bless The USA.

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Are you inclined to put down everything?

Abba's Way:

Are you inclined to put down everything?
To act in anger and fanatic rage?
To let rage and resentment take high wing?
Why not instead transform them? That is sage!

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: Book Three

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: Book Three: "I will not burden you with an extended narrative. Let it simply be said that Parousia and Adam did not agree. And his response was not optimal. He did not respond much at all. He was an Oblomov-like presence whose preference needed no voice. Under the eyes of various teachers, his penmanship declined from adequate to abysmal. His aptitude for mathematics went from barely present to nonexistent. It was many decades before Adam conceded that mathematics is finite, a language only and therefore something to be played with. He never ceased to believe that two and two do not always equal four."

There was a time you called your passions ill

Abba's Way:

There was a time you called your passions ill;
But surely from our passions virtues rise.
Our highest goals, the fruit of our best will
Produce what is most beautiful and wise

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Not so fast writing off trains

5 Scenic Train Rides Through America:

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This essentially relegates trains to the area reserved for theme parks. This is not a good idea. We are meant to travel on the ground and I think air travel is, along with high rises, a doomed species. I think interstates and freeways will eventually host a new generation of public vehicle - a super bus if you will that will be less weighty and safer than current buses. And we may run such things on vacated railroad tracks as well. We are going to have a seismic shift in how we do things to conform with what people want, not what corporations say we should want.

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The Good Side of The Family Meal Breakdown

You Are Who You Eat With by Katherine Gustafson — YES! Magazine: "Today, families like the Garcia-Prats are the exception. According the 2007 National Survey of Children’s Health, fewer than half of Americans eat meals daily with their families, a statistic that highlights the breakneck pace at which we live and our grab-and-go food culture.
Increasing economic pressures only exacerbate these cultural trends, as many families are forced to work two jobs to afford the basics and have little time to slow down and have dinner."

While tempted to joust against these knee jerk explanations, I proceed to the best thing about the breakdown of family meals. It is the suggestion that we are all meant to feed ourselves according to how our body-minds evaluate our needs. I have significant and talk-filled meals with folk but the notion that this needs to be the same food for everyone around the same table is crazy. Each person is unique in terms of their dietary needs. If you get kidney stones you do not want to be eating all the good things Michelle Obama approves of if they're high oxilate. The more we learn about ourselves the less we will be tempted to go for family meals that feed everyone from the same menu. I anticipate that kitchens like cars will become options not necessities. We are changing. The world is catching up.

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Spotify Achilles Heel?

Spotify tops 2.5 million U.S. paying subscribers post-U.S. launch | ZDNet: "Summary: Spotify has reached the 2.5 million paying subscriber mark, post its launch in the United States, the company said this week.

Streaming music giant Spotify now has more than 2.5 million paying subscribers worldwide, after the company expanded to the United States earlier this year."

I thought it was just me. But I had Thanksgiving with someone more a power user that I. Both agreed that Spotify is a bandwith hog that routinely crashes our computers and in his case zapped his. Luckily I needed a new machine, but all the exercise proved is that Spotify remains a bandwith hog. This can only mean that we will see more bandwith demand and most probably hit the same crisis in terms of power use that we are encountering with fossil fuel use. Can the Cloud save us?

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Video explaining Ten Classes of Signs

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself:

Sounds a bit like Borat but it is actually a contribution to semiotics. If the sound bothers you turn it down.

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Video explaining Periodic Table

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself:

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More Borat-like narration but it is a fascinating project. Check it out. Turn down the sound if it is intrusive.

Video explaining Semieotic Wheel

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself:

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Still more Borat-sounding narrative but an entirely engrossing project. Adjust the volume and enjoy.

MINUTE SEMEIOTIC Periodic Table of Classes of Signs

MINUTE SEMEIOTIC Periodic Table of Classes of Signs:

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MINUTE SEMEIOTIC Genuine Table of Classes Signs

MINUTE SEMEIOTIC Genuine Table of Classes Signs:

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Minute Semeiotic A Site To See Most Amazing

Minute Semeiotic:

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