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Wanted for Crimes against Humanity

Occupy Notes

Why Might the Occupy Movement Be Powerful and Different

Luis Moreno-Caballud: The Camp Is the World: Connecting the Occupy Movements and the Spanish May 15th Movement:

"A look at the recent history of a movement similar to Occupy -- the Spanish indignados or 15M movement -- can shed some light on the opportunities and urgency of the new phase of the Occupy movements in the USA.

There are three key elements that have made the global movements of 2011 so powerful and different:

The extraordinary capacity to include all types of people;

The impulse to move beyond traditional forms of the protest and contention, so as to create solutions for the problems identified;

The horizontal and directly participatory form they take."

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Unbearable Odors in China

Noxious odors at Daya bay damage oil giant CNOOC's reputation|Environment|News| "Residents in the Daya bay area in China's southern Guangdong province expressed their diminishing confidence in China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) after the oil giant's Huizhou refinery released noxious odors on Oct. 8, causing people to flee the area.

Some residents have expressed a desire to move out of the area in the wake of the industrial incident, which occurred just three months after a massive refinery explosion in Huizhou in July. Local media reported that many residents left Huizhou over the weekend because of the spread of unbearable odors."

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China needs a cleanup, so indeed do we. I suspect this century will be the turnaround toward some responsibility. The industrial era of prodigal waste should be over and done with.

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Reason Crucified is the Human Story

Some days reason is too onerous to takeYou want to kick the tracesWallow in temptationShake your maneNot reflecting that the truly reasonable soulsSay Socrates or JesusWere indeed the very souls of reasonAnd killed for itLeft for dead
The very fabric of this world seems built onThe struggle between reason and perfidyPerfidy turned into form and substanceEnshrining the pathologicalIn Gehry's New YorkRejecting AlexanderGoing the crazy way
We ought to stand for reasonSplitting differencesChoosing with Falstaff to lie dead upon the fieldRather than posture for the crowd and die
But something in us sees reason As Dostoevsky's key
The hell free world of JesusLacks the heady kick Of Satan's jeweled crown
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The seer’s way defied the holy laws

The Tao in Mark:

The seer’s way defied the holy laws
The seer’s healing touch drew multitudes
Soon the seer was deemed to be god
Though he protested word spread far and wide
The seer’s followers were called the twelve
And they were likewise set to healing tasks
The seer did not come to act alone
The seer came to spread the way to all

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There are no values that approach Abba

Abba's Way:

There are no values that approach Abba;
Before Abba all values are as dross.
And none more dross than those that buttress war:
Strength. Courage. Loyalty. Obedience.
To whom? To Abba? Abba wills no war.

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Mathematics is a science of hypotheses

CP 3.428 (The Regenerated Logic, 1896): "When the mathematician deals with facts, they become for him mere “hypotheses”; for with their truth he refuses to concern himself. The whole science of mathematics is a science of hypotheses; so that nothing could be more completely abstracted from concrete reality. Philosophy is not quite so abstract. For though it makes no *special* observations, as every other positive science does, yet it does deal with reality. It confines itself, however, to the universal phenomena of experience; and these are, generally speaking, sufficiently revealed in the ordinary observations of every-day life. I would even grant that philosophy, in the strictest sense, confines itself to such observations as *must* be open to every intelligence which can learn from experience. Here and there, however, metaphysics avails itself of one of the grander generalisations of physics, or more often of psychics, not as a governing principle, but as a mere datum for a st…

Should we see this as a sign - Pepsi Coke Facebook

Facebook engagement case study: Coca Cola v Pepsi | Social media agency | FreshNetworks London: "Pepsi has an average engagement rate of 0.06% versus Coca-Cola’s 0.04%.  What’s more,  Pepsi has a total of 180,050 interactions (posts and comments) to Coca-Cola’s 117,964, again proving their higher engagement levels. Part of the reason behind this is that Pepsi used a lot of pictures and images to engage with its audience during October, rather than just links and text, thereby helping to generate a lot of interactions with the page."

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Cap tip Susan

I don't prefer one or the other.

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