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When we are down the Tao will lift us up

When we are down the Tao will lift us up When we're in tears the Tao will dry our eyes When we speak wrong the Tao will stop our tongue When we are fools the Tao will make us wise

Writing is a very powerful way to affirm

One Minute Christian: 10. Writing Affirmations:

""Every time I think we've gotten somewhere, a new question pops up," the man said.

"Patience," the pastor said. "Let's talk about written affirmations."

The pastor led them to a simple office where they sat facing one another. "Remember when Jesus wrote in the ground?" she asked.

"When the woman was being threatened -- cast the first stone?" the woman asked. "Jesus faced down judging men."

"Right," said the pastor. "I have always wondered if Jesus was writing an affirmation -- getting some guidance. An affirmation is anything you do or say that expresses your faith in God. Writing is a very powerful way to affirm.""

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The Need To Make Content Discoverable

What Do Readers Want In A Digital World? | Business 2 Community: "The increasing use of smart phones, e-readers and tablets means that content is available anytime and anywhere. Readers want convenience, discoverability, and connectedness. Consumers turn first to online search to find content.  Thus, making content findable is critical and fundamental to a successful user experience.  Additionally, metadata is key to surfacing content when users are searching. Readers may look for a specific product in some cases but typically, they are more likely looking for an answer to a question, a solution rather than a specific book, magazine or other “container” of content.  Notably, some opportunities were also discussed; specifically the need for more searchability within certain published formats (eg. pdfs).  Importantly, the main take-home, regardless of challenges or successes, was the need to make content discoverable."

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Occupy Mingling With Christian and Jesus Themes

Lessons from the Church of Occupy? | Ekklesia: "The economic nature of community generally and of church community specifically (cf. Acts 2 and the sharing of goods among many early Christians) has also come into the spotlight in a variety of ways. Jesus’ eviction of the money-changers from the Temple courts has been contrasted with the original attempts by the court of St Paul’s to throw out those criticising the money-changers in the City of London – whose domain is, please note, Paternoster [Our Father] Square.

In Anabaptist-influenced circles, the talk is of Christendom and post-Christendom – the institutional church of power and the community-based church of vulnerable discipleship. "

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Obama 11 on FP Top 100 Global Thinker List (Single Page)

The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers | Foreign Policy: "Conservative critics of the White House may have turned the idea of "leading from behind" into a punch line as soon as it appeared as an anonymous quote from an administration advisor 9,000 words into a New Yorker article, but it is quickly becoming Barack Obama's most enduring foreign-policy legacy -- and not necessarily as the insult his rivals saw it. Certainly, Obama has led: Although he came to office promising to curtail America's military adventurism abroad and focus on nation-building at home, he has nevertheless presided over more dramatic political shifts in the Middle East than ever achieved by his pugnacious predecessor, even if they are the result of events that he was reacting to rather than driving himself."

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This would tend to suggest that thinkers are doers. And that the fulcrum of thinking in the world, in FP's eyes, is the Arab Spring - origins and implications and…

Not that we thought they would care about truth : More Baloney at ABC/Yahoo! Debate:

"Romney falsely claimed that no president before Obama had cut Medicare, and that Obama favored pre-1967 borders for Israel.

Gingrich said he opposed cap-and-trade, even though he once spoke favorably of it, if combined with other measures to curtail carbon emissions.

Perry again falsely accused Romney of writing that the Massachusetts health care law should be a model for the nation, and once again made an apples-to-oranges comparison to make his Texas job-creation record look more impressive.

And Bachmann recycled a bogus claim about projected job losses under the new federal health care law."

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