Romney Guilty of Political Assassination

Romney Guilty of Political Assassination
Extreme headline
The millions going into the destruction of Gingrich in Iowa are a combination 
of direct Romney campaign funds and
Millions upon millions of anonymous SuperPac money
Romney tried to protect himself from the charge
But it doesn't wash
Only a direct repudiation would suffice
Gingrich should demand a repudiation by Mitt

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MSM are creating a Romney wins it all scenario

MSM are creating a Romney wins it all scenario
Need I say more
I think Romney's chances are designed to make his victory
Look just like a bought result
The powers of the one percent will accept Romney if necessary
He is a captive
But if Paul and Gingrich can make this point
The MSM will once again be shown to be wrong
I am betting that of anyone has a margin of more than four 
Among the top three in Iowa
It will not be Romney

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This makes me glad my blogs are on mobile devices

Mobile content more popular than print media:

"Mobile content consumption has overtaken usage of print media in the US, a new study has revealed.
Figures from eMarketer suggest American consumers spend an average of 65 minutes a day on mobile devices, compared with 26 minutes spent reading newspapers and 18 minutes for magazines.

Print media consumption is down in 2011 compared with previous years. The research also shows the amount of time spent on the internet is continuing to increase, with US residents spending 167 minutes a day on the web on average, up from 155 minutes last year."

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Past time to examine bully cops

When do police resort too quickly to violence? | NewsChief.com: "Abusive cops are nothing new: Ask your black and Latino friends about their experiences driving around in white neighborhoods, and you're likely to get an earful. What's remarkable about the recent examples of brutality - why they have our attention - is the victims in these cases: White, middle-class kids."

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Good Going China Quash The Coal

BBC News - Protests flare in southern Chinese town of Haimen: "Thousands of people have protested in southern China against plans to build a new coal-fired power plant.

Protesters say two students died in the unrest in the town of Haimen in Guangdong province.

Police denied the claims, saying a number of officers had been injured. Locals blame an existing power station for a rise in cancer cases.

The protests follow disturbances further down the coast, in the town of Wukan, over land disputes."

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Actually the headline is for the protesters. The govermnment should listen and desist.
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Deadly Blizzard Video Leave The Driving Period

Deadly blizzard paralyzes Great Plains - CBS News: "(AP)  TOPEKA, Kan. - Fierce winds and snow that caused fatal accidents and closed highways in five states crawled deeper into the Great Plains early Tuesday, with forecasters warning that pre-holiday travel would be difficult if not impossible across the region.
Hotels were filling up quickly along major roads from eastern New Mexico to Kansas, and nearly 100 rescue calls came in from drivers in the Texas Panhandle as blizzard conditions closed part of Interstate 40, a major east-west route, Monday night"

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Let us move then you and I
To where roads can see the sky
And where we no longer drive
We shall reclaim ways by and by

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Squeeze the declining number of passengers airlines your time is coming

Fewer airline passengers but more crowded planes await holiday travelers - CNN.com: "A projected 43.3 million air travelers will fly on U.S. carriers for both domestic and international routes during a 21-day period, according to Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines. That's a 1% drop from the same period last year which translates to about 20,000 fewer travelers on average per day.
However, travelers will not find that translates into more leg room once they board planes. On the busiest days, flights will be filled to at least 85% capacity, according to the forecast."

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I see air travel's coffin coming
As the costs go through the roof
And as conferencing gets better
That's exactly what we'll do

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House Punts Back to Senate No Vacation in Store

House rejects payroll tax cut, jobless benefits:

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As assumed the House GOP has punted things back to the Senate. The Senate will have to return to DC and behave. That is an impossibility given the actors. The President should take up residence on the Capitol steps and offer to shake the hand of any Senator or Congressperson who behaves. We should all work to turn those who do not out of office.

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Supreme Court Idiocy Biting The Hand it Tries To Help

Mitt Romney: Super PACs are a "disaster" - Political Hotsheet - CBS News:

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The Roberts Court will go down as mental defective. It would be nice if it repented its follies. But who can hope it will?

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New Blog - Nomadic Song Lyrics

Nomadic Song Lyrics:

"Love began with robin song
Blossomed in the summer sun
Let my passion lead me on
But the leaves began to turn and you were gone"

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What nomads of the universe do

All  we do is manifest
The whole day through 
We know Shakespeare did it too 
He was the best 
When everybody 
Can subsist 
By manifesting too 
Life will be
Much more forgiving 
Far less blue

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How beautiful upon the mountain

How beautiful upon the mountain 
Are the feet of those who preach 
Good news good news 
Good news how beautiful
Instead of the thorn tree
Shall rise up the fir tree
Instead of the brier
The myrtle you shall see
How beautiful upon the mountain
Are the feet of those who preach
Good news good news
Good news how beautiful
Blind eyes opening
Prison bars breaking
Old foundations shaking
On that glorious day
How beautiful upon the mountain
Are the feet of those who preach
Good news good news
Good news how beautiful

Notes Toward A New Economy

What do we do when
Leisure is a default
Not choice
When consumption is
Harmful to the health of all

What do we do
To compensate for the eventual loss of
All natural resources that powered our past

This is as an invitation to see life
In terms of its creative
And artistic breadth

That times have changed so seismically explains
This sweet anomaly
It's a values thing

What is worth paying for
Answer that and
Have your new economy
Save for the currency

Which is no longer
In the ground
But is the sum of what our
Brains put out
As creativity

As thrust
And sustenance
Both Dionysian and Apollonian
Non-tragic brew
We can consume like Bud

Design a new
Economy whose
Starting point's a floor for all

A spirit spectrum unclean to sublime

A spirit spectrum unclean to sublime 
Exists in every person everywhere 
Everyone is sacred for all time 
Kill and you kill Abba so take care

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Obama is not over any barrel

Obama is not over any barrel 
He's in the best position he can be 
Right now he is readying the staves for 
The barrel he'll present the GOP

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Abba grows good trees

Abba grows good trees 
If you but believe
Just say you wish to see
Abba's will done
In earth and heaven
Then see the good trees come

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Words die and rise

Words die and rise 
And form invisible palimpsests
Of holy resonance
Beyond imagination
Sight or sound
I give them back to
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My soul if that is what it is - poetry

My soul if that is what it is 
Hopes nothing 
Why should it 
All is already won

My soul if that might be its name
Needs nothing
Rests easy
Abba has long since won

My soul if I may now make bold
Is all things
Is Abba
Abba in everyone

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The self is always journeying

The self is always journeying 
The traveler is me 
The vehicle is my body 
The way chronology

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The histrionic Jesus is not the one I know

The histrionic Jesus is not the one I know 
I know a softer spoken man who knew just what was so 
God was not somewhere out there no Abba was inside 
That was the revolution and the truth for which he died

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This case should be front page

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Gender disorder is normal, the government Manning case is what is abnormal:

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The biggest curiosity among news-conscious younger folk is what is going on in the Bradley Manning case. While it is getting covered, it is not being given the degree of prominence as, say, the Gingrich Bubble. This case should be front page and the goal of coverage should be to show how absurd the government case is.  And how contorted the justification for heaping on the shoulders of Bradley all of the evil and disgusting behavior that was the result of W's hubris and the Neo-con fever.

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Peas in a lethal nuclear pod

The Associated Press: US nuke chief supports Japan nuke plant stability: "TOKYO (AP) — The U.S. nuclear safety chief said Tuesday that he is comfortable with Japan's announcement that its tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant has reached stable conditions, brushing off skepticism raised by experts."

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The subtext of energy is the looming specter of a nuked world. Here is the proper timeline.


Live with the need for fossil fuels while flagging their extreme danger long term.
Invest in alternatives.
Choose a car-free future.

Near term.

Stop nuke construction and close plants like Indian Point.
Flag all fossil fuel activity as terminal.
Create first cyber-communities.

Long term.

Cyber-communities clustered into cyber-cities
Vast reduction in need for business and commercial travel
Transition to expanded localized economies due to re-scaling of everything to cyber-communities

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When will Google make my cyber-community?

Google makes a new $94M investment in US solar energy projects - SlashGear:

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We live in a box. The future is outside it. In car free communities where everything is in walking distance. Someone has to see this.

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Holy Whatever Yu to Rangers for 51 Million

Yu got it! Rangers submit highest bid, win negotiating rights to Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish - The Washington Post: "Winner of consecutive AL pennants, Texas also won the Yu Darvish sweepstakes Monday night with a record bid of $51.7 million. Now, the Rangers get 30 days to negotiate a contract with Darvish that would put Japan’s best pitcher at the top of their rotation."

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If he only wins ten games, figure it out. And we are in a recession?

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Nominalist (self-centered, binary) thinking is the root of most problems

Arrests Increasing for U.S. Youth - ABC News: "Although an arrest doesn't necessarily mean a child, teen or young adult is a criminal, previous research has connected run-ins with the law with other problems -- drug addiction, physical or emotional abuse and poverty, to name a few.

Beresin said a high number of arrests could also indicate a high rate of untreated psychiatric disorders, another factor that has been linked to criminal activity. According to the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, a nonprofit group, between 50 to 75 percent of incarcerated young people have diagnosable mental health problems"

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The alternative is realist thinking which starts with a sign and moves to a blunt truth and creates a solution linking these two things. Binary thinking is protagonist-antagonist DESTRUCTION. It is a passing culture. Triadic thinking is gradually taking its place.

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Carbon - you might want to read the whole thing

Carbon Time Bomb in the Arctic: New York Times Print Edition Gets the Story Right | ThinkProgress: "That thawing is of great concern because the permafrost contains a staggering amount of carbon, as Nature reported:
The latest estimate is that some 18.8 million square kilometres of northern soils hold about 1,700 billion tonnes of organic carbon4 — the remains of plants and animals that have been accumulating in the soil over thousands of years. That is about four times more than all the carbon emitted by human activity in modern times and twice as much as is present in the atmosphere now.
The permafrost carbon thus represents a dangerous amplifying feedback or vicious cycle whereby warming leads to accelerated emissions, which leads to further warming.  And that could lead to a point of no return, as Gillis reports:
In the minds of most experts, the chief worry is not that the carb"

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Enough is enough is enough

Don’t Tax the Rich. Tax Inequality Itself. - NYTimes.com: "Enough is enough. Congress should reform our tax law to put the brakes on further inequality. Specifically, we propose an automatic extra tax on the income of the top 1 percent of earners — a tax that would limit the after-tax incomes of this club to 36 times the median household income.

Importantly, our Brandeis tax does not target excessive income per se; it only caps inequality. Billionaires could double their current income without the tax kicking in — as long as the median income also doubles. The sky is the limit for the rich as long as the “rising tide lifts all boats.” Indeed, the tax gives job creators an extra reason to make sure that corporate wealth does in fact trickle down."

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Saving face versus throwing us all off a cliff.

Obamas top goal, Carney said, is to avoid a scenario where payroll taxes rise after Jan. 1.Obamas wife and daughters are already in Honolulu, awaiting the president.

via White House pressures House GOP ahead of payroll tax votes - latimes.com.

I wondered about the Reporting from Hawaii on this story. This explains it.

Congress Tea Party Choice: Saving face versus throwing us all off a cliff. Nice people these. Proving to the world that we cannot govern.
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