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Boehner chokes up as he lies about Keystone

The thousands and thousands of jobs. Boehner promised them with the Keystone Pipeline. But it's a a lie.

Boehner tried to rescue his downfall on TV. All those jobs for the American people..
Permanent jobs would be 50. Temp jobs during construction would be 2000 max.
Boehner will have a stiff drink. He'll hope Cantor does not stab him.

The GOP victory helps kill the pipeline. The six month provision won't work.

Another Obama victory because of GOP overreach.

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Postmodernism is real and inevitable

Postmodernism began when unreason began to give way to common senseCommon sense had always been presentIt just became pervasiveCommon sense is communal and progressiveInvestigative and chronologicalPostmodernism began when we realizedThat the Shroud of Turin is not only phonyBut that there would be no useful information givenWere it a perfect negative
It will only be a matter of time untilEven the History Channel is more interested in common senseThan superstition
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Non-idolatry has always understood this POV

The accidental universe: Science's crisis of faith—By Alan P. Lightman (Harper's Magazine): "If the multiverse idea is correct, then the historic mission of physics to explain all the properties of our universe in terms of fundamental principles—to explain why the properties of our universe must necessarily be what they are—is futile, a beautiful philosophical dream that simply isn’t true. Our universe is what it is because we are here. The situation could be likened to a school of intelligent fish who one day began wondering why their world is completely filled with water. Many of the fish, the theorists, hope to prove that the entire cosmos necessarily has to be filled with water. For years, they put their minds to the task but can never quite seem to prove their assertion. Then, a wizened group of fish postulates that maybe they are fooling themselves. Maybe there are, they suggest, many other worlds, some of them completely dry, and everything in between."


Changing education preferences trend toward online

60% of students say they wouldn’t attend a school without free WiFi - Digg: " — A recent study finds that more US college students prefer a hybrid of online/offline education than a pure experience in either direction. "

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My idea is kiosks in car free communities that serve as schools each with an expert present with a large screen for communal viewing of the best the Web has to offer on whatever the subject is. Stroll from kiosk to kiosk. Learn at your own pace. Pass a test at some point. Get credit.

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US support for executions falling apace

Death Penalty Decline Continues » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Another year gone by, another huge step towards abolition of the death penalty.

As we close out 2011, we have a lot to be excited about. We continue to see a steep decline in death sentences and executions in the United States, a trend we’ve observed over the last few years. Public support for the death penalty is at an all-time low, as more people recognize safe sentencing alternatives to the death penalty like life without parole and realize that the exorbitant costs of seeking the death penalty are simply not worth it. "

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China regime cruising for a bruising

Chinese police fire teargas at power station protesters | World news | "Riot police block entrances to Haimen town to quell protests over a proposed coal-fired plant in southern China"

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Am I wrong in assuming that China has turned on a dime many times during its illustrious history and that blindness to reality has generally been the explanation? The Chinese Spring might just begin busting out all over.

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Payroll tax - tons of wrong, some right on both sides

Party Leaders Dig Heels In, But Three-Month Tax Cut Extension Compromise Floated | Fox News: "A top House Republican suggested Thursday that Congress could extend the payroll tax cut for three months as a potential compromise between the yearlong extension backed by the House and the two-month measure approved by the Senate.

But coming to an agreement on anything will likely depend, at least, on having an actual conversation.

House Speaker Boehner's office said Thursday that that the speaker called President Obama to ask him to send his economic team to Capitol Hill to negotiate a full-year extension. "

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The wrong is a universal failure of leadership extending through the government. None is righteous not one. The truncated time is a shameful Senate admission of leadership hubris throughout the Senate. The notion that this was a bipartisan compromise is false. It was a cruel denouement of the corrupt underside of the Senate. The valid desire to at l…

The NY Times got it wrong. It is called "smoking" not "hazing"

8 Charged in Death of Fellow Soldier, U.S. Says - "It was the culmination of what the family called a campaign of hazing against Private Chen, 19, who was born in Chinatown in Manhattan, the son of Chinese immigrants. Hours later, he was found dead in a guard tower, from what a military statement on Wednesday called “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound” to the head."

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The NY Times got it wrong. It is called "smoking" not "hazing". It is great fun for bored NCOs and pervades the Army. Any idea that it is discouraged is laughable-NCOs get informally trained to do it.
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US Slogs Along Despite Retrograde GOP

Jobless claims at 3.5 year low | Reuters: "(Reuters) - The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits hit a 3-1/2 year low last week, bolstering views the economy was gaining momentum, even though third-quarter growth was revised down."

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Contrast this with the lineup of hypocritical House Republicans lying to the American people in such a bald-faced way that it is transparent and damning. America clearly has no time for the likes of Boehner the Indian Giver and Cantor the Faux Nixon.

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Feds should recall infected formula - Wal-Mart did

Wal-Mart pulls formula after baby dies in Missouri - "LEBANON, Mo.— Wal-Mart has pulled a batch of powdered infant formula from more than 3,000 of its stores nationwide after a newborn Missouri boy who was fed the formula died from what preliminary tests indicate was a rare bacterial infection, the retailer said.

The government has not ordered a recall of the 12.5-ounce cans of Enfamil Newborn powder with the lot number ZP1K7G. Manufacturer Mead Johnson Nutrition said its records showed the lot tested negative for the bacterium before it was shipped. "

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Your daily dose of truth in this small text

Paint-on solar cells could power homes | TG Daily: "The 'Sun-Believable' paint uses semiconducting nanoparticles to produce energy - and while it's nowhere near as efficient as the current standard, it's inexpensive and easy to produce in large quantities.

"We want to do something transformative, to move beyond current silicon-based solar technology," says professor Prashant Kamat, who led the research."

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And the next nano-exercise will be creating surfaces that create energy when we walk on them.

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The Oceans Are Turning Into Sewers

Japan tsunami debris expected on Alaska shores soon: Earthquakes | Alaska news at "Debris from the March 11 Japan tsunami has reached Washington state and British Columbia. According to predictions from a leading oceanographer, Alaskans can expect to see flotsam -- perhaps tons of it -- washing up on beaches soon."

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The oceans are turning into sewers None there are who heed the Holy One Flotsam jetsam befoul once clean waters And Abba cries in pain for what we've done

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Keep pushing on #40dollars. It's working.

US Politics | AMERICAblog News: White House to make big push today on Payroll Tax Cut - what does $40 a paycheck mean to you?: "On Thursday at the White House, the President will continue to urge House Republicans to do what’s right for the American people by allowing a vote on the short term bipartisan compromise passed by almost the entire Senate, which is the only option to ensure that 160 million Americans don’t see a holiday tax hike in just 10 days and to give Congress the time needed to work out a full year extension. If Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut, the typical family making $50,000 a year will have about $40 less to spend or save with each paycheck. As a part of the President’s push to get Congress to act, the White House has launched an effort to have average Americans make their voices heard in this debate by asking them to share what $40 a paycheck means to them on and on Twitter at #40dollars"

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MSNBC says negative ads work. Not so fast

Negative ads mix with holiday cheer in Iowa - BusinessWeek: "Iowa residents flipping their TV channels this season aren't finding a whole lot of Christmas cheer. A barrage of negative campaign ads is flooding the airwaves, with ghoulish images of Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi crowding Santa and doomsday music drowning out holiday song." 'via Blog this'

There is a season for everything. And seasons end. I venture that the day of the negative ad is near. The day it doesn't work anymore. Part of my intuition is watching MSNBC become a certainty chorus about the efficacy of these noxious commercials. When all minds opine thus, I assume they are taking the easy way forward. And that way leads to being wrong more often than not. I will therefore venture a prediction. There will be a near dead heat in Iowa that vastly neuters the noxious power of the Romney-Pac ads. The max margin of victory will be four points. Romney will not be the winner. So much for these dumb…