If Romney wins Iowa there will be two diametrically opposed explanations

New Iowa poll: Romney leads, Gingrich slips, Santorum rises - Political Hotsheet - CBS News:

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1. It shows that even in strait-laced evangelical territory, there is concern to nominate a winner and thereby appear as a state with some value to the political process.

2. It shows that attack politics dressed up in a Romney PAC can manipulate the public, thereby opening the gate for Romney to be the new, improved W 2 of attack politics, willing to savage while smiling like a choir boy. Money will have spoken.

I will guarantee that most of the media on all sides will opt for explanation number one. I make this an IF post because I have a feeling that Romney may lose in Iowa as noted.

Mitt Romney isn't even mentioned in most admired story

'Most admired' list: Gingrich up, Palin down; Obama, Clinton still No. 1 - CSMonitor.com:

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Maybe Newt will do better in Iowa than the MSM opines.

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Come on in monitors.The killing's fine.

Syrian troops shoot dead protesters despite Arab League monitors on mission to stop crackdown - The Washington Post:

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Syria continues its reductio absurdam of everything but a continuing and escalating global democratic revolution.

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My twisted logic on closing Hormuz

U.S. warns Iran against closing Hormuz strait – USATODAY.com:

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First (sign): WARNING Iran says lighten up US.

Second (blunt truth: Millions of gas guzzling crude consuming US folk backed up by neo-cons smiling.

Third (negotiational hypothesis): I haven't got one yet. Do you? Nothing I've said has ever gone viral. We need major viral to nip this one in the bud.

When I refer to sub-personalities

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Another Oil War in The Offing? Call that World War Three: "This situation plays into the muscular, macho US sub-personality, most dangerous when not modified by the more-pacific Uncle Sam. "

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When I refer to sub-personalities as above I am using the method by which Dr. Roberto Assagioli understood the interactions that go on within a person. By giving aspects of who one is a personality one moves toward negotiation so that the urges of each sub-personality are given place within the person so that will can arrive at what I would call a Peircean Third (hypothetical resolution) when there is a binary conflict. In this example, the more genial Uncle Sam might trade a bit of his geniality to the McCainlike character of Macho America.

See also ShortFormContent at Blogger: The Three Pillars of Abba's Way:  and related posts.

Another Oil War in The Offing? Call that World War Three

Analysis: Saber-rattling in Strait of Hormuz - CNN.com:

"(CNN) -- It is just 34 miles (55 kilometers) wide and dotted with islands and rocky outcrops, a channel that links the Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean. Like many marine "chokepoints," the Strait of Hormuz has long commanded the attention of empires and their navies.

And in recent decades it has become even more critical: one-third of the oil carried by sea passes through Hormuz -- that's some 15 million barrels every day, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Now Iran's Vice-President is warning that the Islamic Republic could block the Strait if sanctions are imposed on its exports of crude. France, Britain and Germany have proposed such sanctions as punishment for Iran's lack of co-operation on its nuclear program."

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This is a setup for World War Three. Iran is going to have a nuke by hook or by crook. The determination of the rest of the world to make this an impossibility is like telling a challenger in the ring to concede before the first punch is thrown. The only way to bring this to a halt is to forget sanctions and have a conference that deals with what would need to be done to make Iran not have a nuclear weapon. This would lead to the logic of genuine global disarmament, In such a context there would be at least some reason to expect Iran to cease making a bomb. This situation plays into the muscular, macho US sub-personality, most dangerous when not modified by  the more-pacific Uncle Sam.

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Looks like the President Will Have the $$$ Advantage in the General

Unlimited Presidential Fundraising: The Curse Of Steve Forbes - OpenSecrets Blog | OpenSecrets:

"Obama has been raising money for the 2012 election at a pace comparable to his 2008 effort -- even though this time around, he won't have to spend money fighting primary competitors. The Republican candidates have lagged by comparison; Obama has been out-raising all of them combined.

Should the trend continue, Obama will enter the general election with an enormous cash advantage over his eventual opponent. Conservative super PACs may help make up the difference but their money will not be under the direct control of the Republican nominee.

If Obama does end up with a fiscal advantage in 2012, he can thank, in part, the campaigns of Republicans Steve Forbes and George W. Bush for changing the rules of the game. That, plus he's a quick study.

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Some ways to track those anonymous Super PACS

Super PACs: Political committees intending to accept unlimited amounts - Follow the Unlimited Money - Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group:

Here's a list of what we've been able to find out about all independent-expenditure-only committees -- better known as Super PACs -- along with links to the FEC pages that document their activities to date. Our friends at the Center for Responsive Politics also have a resource for tracking spending by Super PACs, available here.

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And a list of most of them. So deficient is MSM reporting that I could not find texts of the Gingrich anti-Romney emails. I shall continue the search.

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