Apply now! Yahoo! Board Needs New Blood

Yahoo plans reshuffle, seeks new (better) board members | ZDNet: "In fact, Business Insider actually summed this one up rather nicely:

This is the board that rejected Microsoft’s $32/share offer.
This is the board that hired Carol Bartz.
This is the board that spent 100 days trying to find a new CEO.
This is the board that could have bought Google and Facebook for cheap and said no."

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If I was running Yahoo, I would make it the king and queen of free lance free content on the Web and invest heavily in both creators and editors and simply outdo everyone out there in having an ultimate stable of  work at home talent  unsurpassed. This is the problem with today's web. No biggie is taking this on so we have a congeries of old and new sites and a mass of inferior content.The way to get talent is to flag what is out there and build.

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