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Bill Keller has a few things wrong in his piece on Hillary as the 2012 Veep candidate. First, he surmises that Biden might take over for Hillary at State clearing the way for Hillary in the VP slot. Maybe, but it is more sagacious to think that Biden might fill the next Supreme Court vacancy being one of the few Democrats (if any) who could slip through the GOP's Iron Curtain. I assume a vacancy due to retirement prior to the end of this year. The second mistake is minor. Keller says this Hillary idea has been kicking around the blogs (somewhat dismissively) for some time. I can only find one mention in Jezebel from early December, 2011. There is one other mention, from November, 2011. Here it is in all its glory:

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"There is a vacancy on the Supreme Court
President Obama does not think twice
He appoints Joe Biden the one Democrat the Senate will definitely confirm
You do not need to wait a second to infer the result
Hillary Clinton sails into the Vice Presidential slot
Do we need to go farther
This is the coup de grace all around
The Democrats win of course "

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