Occupy Bay Area - Stop wrestling and think long term

Occupy Oakland protesters split over violence: "The conflict is turning into a wrestling match for the soul of the Occupy movement in the Bay Area. And it's become so pronounced that many who started out calling themselves Occupiers now refer to themselves as "99 percenters" instead.

"When I started to see what was happening Saturday, my heart just broke," Michele Horaney of Alameda, a member of the 99 Percent Solution activist group in the East Bay, said of the Occupy Oakland protest that devolved into an hours-long street battle with police. "There is so much good to be gotten, earned and kept from really solid, sincere efforts to make things change for the better."

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The media thirst for a reason to discredit Occupy. Scholars join cynics in dissing notions of world peace. The sign is stasis, the crushing of hope. Countering this is the growing fear that if we do not move forward in a progressive way, we will be condemned to more of the sort of fears that gripped us viscerally in 2008. Putting these two things together, we need a Web groundswell of argumentation for the utility and necessity of non-violence as the emblem of this movement going forward. Argumentation such as: nonviolence is not wimpish. Nonviolence is a process by which long-standing prejudice is effectively challenged and broken. Nonviolence is the moral evolution of this century - the century of global democratic revolution.

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