But if there is war in the Middle East

If there is war in the Middle East
Let it be to quell dictatorship
To stop genocide and the utter disregard of human rights
And let it be the measured action of neighbor states
With the support of all nations who embrace democracy
And let it be a word to Russia and China that their leadership in the world
Is marginalized by their unwillingness
To stand firmly with those neighbor states
Should they be forced to act
I speak mainly of Syria
But also of possible action to keep the Strait of Hormuz open
This signals the end of Iran as we know it and for this reason may not happen
If it does we are at a new ground zero
And the measured care which we take to cleave to the value democracy
And not to the hawkish rhetoric of those who serve big oil
That measured action will spell the difference between something admirable and progressive against forces that would hurt the world
And yet another futile effort to strong-arm the world to control its resources
This is the century of global democratic revolution
Let that be what we stand for and bring about everythere

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