Carrying 71 tons of platinum when it was torpedoed.

Crew targets $3B bounty from WWII shipwreck - CBS News:

"Salvage operations should begin this month or in early March aboard a 220-foot vessel called Sea Hunter with the assistance of a remotely operated underwater vessel, he said.

"I'm going to get it, one way or another, even if I have to lift the ship out of the water," Brooks said.

Brooks said the Port Nicholson was going from Nova Scotia to New York and carrying 71 tons of platinum when it was torpedoed. The platinum was intended as payment from the Soviet Union to the United States, he said.

A federal court judge has granted him the salvage rights, he said.

"Maybe I'll buy a small island in the Caribbean," Brooks told the Boston Globe."

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Whose platinum was it to begin with?

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