Cremation, Burial, Any Other Way?

Resting Places - Going Ashes or Dust? - NYTimes.com: "I hadn’t really thought about it. Over the years, there has been occasional banter around the dinner table about “ashes” vs. “dust” — cremation or burial. But it wasn’t urgent. We’re not actually that old, and expect to be above ground for a while yet. Like cleaning out the closets or “putting our papers in order,” it was a chore that could be postponed indefinitely. Also, neither option seemed great."

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I keep wondering if there is some other way. I read in Herodotus that the Libyans of old put their dead in crystal encasing which stood vertically, offering the ultimate in transparency. I have this image from a movie of being laid out in the wilderness to enable consumption by birds and such. All told there is no satisfactory method that I can think of. So finally I prefer not to think at all. The idea that one could actually recommend an optimal way of dealing with a completely terminal event is fatuous to say the least. One thing is clear though. If we survive it is not dependent on any method of disposing of us. If it was we would all opt for Method A.

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