Drones all over us - waiting for the first mega-accident

Drones With an Eye on the Public Cleared to Fly - NYTimes.com: "But while businesses, and drone manufacturers especially, are celebrating the opening of the skies to these unmanned aerial vehicles, the law raises new worries about how much detail the drones will capture about lives down below — and what will be done with that information. Safety concerns like midair collisions and property damage on the ground are also an issue.

American courts have generally permitted surveillance of private property from public airspace. But scholars of privacy law expect that the likely proliferation of drones will force Americans to re-examine how much surveillance they are comfortable with."

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I can't wait to watch the GOP wrestle with this one. Private enterprise. Invasion of privacy. Mega safety concerns. Ironical if the drone photographed Issa on his own turf. This is an invitation to mayhem you won't believe. I can just see the video - Revenge Drone!!!!

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