GOP has reaped a female whirlwind

Now they’ve done it: Vaginaphobe Republicans Have just pissed off women (10s of thousands of them) - Digg: "freakoutnation.com — Out of touch Republicans — in an attempt to possibly deflect from the fact they have no viable candidate to run against President Obama — have thrown the female population under the 1950s bus. ‘We are Women’ are marching to each state capitol. What started out with just a few members, within just a few days, now have 10s of thousands in total supporting them. Just wait until April 28th – because moderates do not agree with these tactics either. "

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm.

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm. To be delivered from evil  is to be  free from receiving or inflicting abuse.  Bully...