Here's a timely warning no one took seriously

Bill Clinton's Warning to Democrats at CGI - The Daily Beast: "Disgruntled Obama supporters planning to sit out the midterms are making "a horrible mistake," he said. "Like everything else you do when you're mad, there's an 80 percent change you're making a mistake. You'll get the exact result you don't want.""

Bill Clinton's advice above was right on. He also included the following in his warning.

1. The media have been absolutely criminal in their failure to fact check the GOP's false facts and figures as they seek to nail the Democrats unfairly and dishonestly.

2. The evil plan of the GOP if they regain control of Congress is to shut down the government entirely. They can do it by occupying time with frivolous investigations.

Not only Democrats but Independents and sensible Republicans should be very worried.

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