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"Jeter savored the milestone and the second-half resurgence that accompanied it, but the Yankees' captain is making this much clear: Last year is over, and it's time to deal with 2012.

"That day was fun, but we had a game the next day," Jeter said. "I enjoyed it for the moment, but it's over and done with. You can watch highlights only so much before you have to move on. I guess that's just the way I was built.""

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I watched the incredible 2004 Yanks-Red Sox game in which Derek cannon-balled himself into the stands to save the game which the Yanks won in extra innings. Derek knows as we all do that ultimately everything is past and forgotten. All of our language about classic this and one and only that is hyperobole. It is a good attitude to have. It fits in under the foundational ontological value which is non-idolatry - call it iconoclasm, call it not suffering fools gladly, call it realism. The game is on right now. Fixate on the past at your peril. Fixate on the future ... in your dreams.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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