Look To The Court for The Stupidity We Now Confront

Loose Border of ‘Super PAC’ and Romney Campaign - NYTimes.com: "While insisting that the tangle of connections does not violate any laws, Alexander Gage, TargetPoint’s founder, said he understood how it could look “ridiculous.” His own firm had taken steps, he said, to prevent improprieties, including erecting “a fire wall” separating employees who work for the Romney campaign and the super PAC."

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Stories about Super PACs should always show a clip of  Samuel Alito mouthing NO to the President when Mr. Obama correctly noted that the Court had opened the floodgates to wealth-dominated campaigns. They should add a link to Stephen Colbert's reduction of this strategy to absurdity. And they should observe that there is only one way to bring an end to the travesty of today's attack on the voter. It is called electing Obama in 2012 and getting us a new Court. This would be appropriate action which would address the avalanche of nay-saying on all sides. We are not deteriorating as a nation. If we are an empire that failed, so much the better. We were not meant to be an empire. Just a democracy experimenting with the limits of freedom. One way to act is to circulate good sense. Tweet this.

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