A Note on Smart Surfaces

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Smart surfaces would make soundproofing that was paper thin
Smart surfaces would generate energy with use
Smart surfaces would respond to verbal commands
Smart surfaces would have the capacity to retain heat within an area or to ventilate/cool the same area
Smart surfaces would be built to standards that essentially enable mass production and universal use
Smart surfaces can be transported and assembled with ease
Smart surfaces are the spatial boundaries in a cyber-community that is built on a grid-skeleton which is capable of supporting smart surfaces
So that the cyber-community is made of an eco-grid and smart surfaces
Bottom surfaces would all be capable of generating power resulting from foot traffic
Side surfaces would be capable of most functions that today require extensive connectivity
Some top surfaces would be able to capture rain
Smart surfaces cannot be created with today's developer based construction
Smart surfaces require the planning first of model cyber-communities based on a pattern language, democratic process that integrates grass roots participation and universal standards

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