Putting the pedestrian first

Planning: Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Land-Use Codes:

"Direct land use and transportation development, through the permit process, to issue equal or better access by foot or bicycle to education, recreation, retail, commercial office and other appropriate types of development.

Design and locate retail, office and public service buildings to be convenient for pedestrian, bicycle and transit users.

Cluster commercial and residential development in higher density centers, rather than extended in linear strips along roads.

Require, through the permit process, mixed land uses of residential, retail, commercial office and other types of compatible development, to provide an environment which is safe and convenient for pedestrian and bicycle travel, and give people shorter travel distances between origins and destinations.

Restrict development of neighborhood commercial areas to a pedestrian scale and design.

Coordinate land use decisions with existing and planned public transportation services and the needs for non-motorized access."

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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