A Sarah Palin Soliloquy - Poesy

I am a natural
god how they love me
how easy to make it
step by step
even the pummeling I get moves me
from strength to strength

There's not a challenge I can't meet
or overcome
Why I can even be the President
over the objections of all the people
if I can just make nice to the right ones..

Oh god the gun
I love the gun
I love all sorts of guns
I do not like the world of women
flocking all around and
chattering and nattering
give me a gun
a moose
a promontory
virginal and sere
and I shall show you paradise
in a handful of Tweets.

But damn there is that itch in me
the itch that no one sees
the need not to be here for too long
the need to move the next thing
the cosmos at my feet and god
I just might end up being human after all.

Once this unhappiness is
in its cage

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