Still out of the Market because it's a bubble

Below my account of getting out of the market. I have little doubt that Cantor and Company did manage to stall the market for the intervening months. Now as it creeps up, I am still cautious because I believe it is a bubble and that the greed wolves are at it as harmfully as ever. We are not at the bottom yet and will not be until we drill down to the problems of our society which are not the subject of today's political discourse.

Eric Cantor: S&P Rating Hit A "Wake Up Call" For Debt Ceiling Vote | TPMDC: "Update: Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) released a joint demand from 114 House Democrats that the House hold a 'clean' debt limit vote and claimed the S&P rating bolstered their argument.

'America pays its bills,' Welch said in a statement. 'I hope Majority Leader Cantor and those in Congress seizing upon debt ceiling pressure as a 'leverage opportunity' are listening to the markets today and thinking twice about their risky strategy."

I must confess that so certain was I that Cantor and Company would cause the market to flutter

That I took protective action with my trifling investment

And now it appears that Cantor has risen to the bait and sealed his claim on Idiot of the Day before anyone else had a chance to apply.

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