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There would be no mortgages in my cyber-communities

Romney Details Tax Overhaul -

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Since nobody has taken my bait - oh, some have done things with phrases I came up with like beyond green - I can elaborate my ideas in peace and full confidence that they will come to manifestation at some point. My big idea is the cyber-community of up to 10K living in an area a mile walk from side to side and end to end. Or a mile diameter. Four levels max, few or no stairs. And, no mortgages. Why? Because the community would be made up of spaces that could indeed be customized to the needs of the individual but which would be like lego bcocks in the sense that they would be interchangeable, literally shells. Occupancy would be the only ownership and for that one would pay a subscription. A cyber-community is a giant - mile wide - matrix skeleton that does the work of transporting energy, water and waste, an eco-matrix that would recycle and reprocess everything on a scale that no home could afford, with an effectiveness we have not yet dreamed of. The cyber-community would have no private property to speak, Its surfaces and spaces would have features (somewhat like apps) to which one might subscribe. A young couple might have two spaces in order to have some privacy - what we call space. A space or spaces could be added for children. The basic idea would be that everyone has their own room or space. Since spaces are modular within a matrix, dwellings and other establishments could expand and contract according to needs. Because a cyber-community would enhance today's neglected public space, the need for various rooms that we build into today's houses would recede. Social would be outside of one's private space. Mortgages would be a thing of the past. We would have cyberfied residence, work, play and education. Everything could happen from cyber-community to cyber community. You don't believe this will happen. Just watch.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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"Sto Perigiali" One of the Surpassingly Best Tunes Theodorakis Has Written

A Setting for a Poem "Denial" Beloved by the Greek People by the Nobel Prize Winning Poet Giorgos Seferis
The remarkable video at the link above is of a performance of "Sto perigiali" Mario Frangoulis and Mikis Theodorakis in 2001.

Frangoulis and Theodorakis are joined by musicians, including two bouzouki players, and a very large audience that is completely familiar with the words. The audience joins in at Frangoulis' prompt.

This is my very favorite Theodorakis melody. Those who know Theodorakis only for his "Zorba" music are in for a treat. When I was in Athens in 1966, for a short period of study with Constantinos Doxiadis, I knew nothing of Theodorakis. But about five years later, my friend Irene Vassos sang "Sto perigiali" to us. I have never gotten the tune out of my mind.

Later, when Irene joined our group to form a travelling company performing "New Rain", I learned to pick out a …

Obama Ads Should Be Grass Roots Cinema Verite

ShortFormContent at Blogger: How President Obama Can Win Christian Conservatives:

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To counter the invidious efforts of Karl Rove and the Brothers Koch, simple videos of everyday people expressing gratitude for specific results from specific things that the President has achieved will create a signature response that will turn the tables on the Super PACs.

There could be an intro that flags lies distortions and anonymous attacks as unreal and even criminal and a cut to what is real, recognizable and not anonymous I am (name). I have lived here in (name) for (time). Thanks to (President Obama's (name) Act ... and so forth for ten seconds. Close with a continuation of the story narrated over evocative images and simple acoustic music.

This would be a fantastic way to counter the attacks on the President. For every specific attack, a video that shows the truth. And grass roots people who intend to vote for the President.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Three…