Why Environmentalism Must Be Bottom Up

Trade Battles Buffet Europe’s Green Efforts - NYTimes.com:

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Capitalism in its present cautious form (Braudel) will not embrace environmentalism
It is up to local communities to prove that there is massive profit in an environmental approach
This can only be done by communities because there is no long term profit in individual or household actions
This is because capitalism has caught on to the profit in "green" and will gladly let you pay through the nose to make your house environmentally smart
Only a redensification of population and a commitment to car-free communities will actually dent the environmental problem globally
Densification means populations of 5-10,000 within an area a mile square
Such density makes possible viable local economies
Such density can create a capital base for designing a way to handle all functions cooperatively radically reducing costs
Local communities that organize can design their own cyber-communities and form the cooperatives needed to raise the necessary funds
We are about to witness a revitalization of the best in capitalism by the power of local democracy working in concert to create a new model of how to live

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