Are we headed for a monster fall on the tax reform front?

The National Memo » The Win-Win Tax Reform Fantasy: "To have any real impact on either revenues or tax rates, Congress would have to be willing to consider the big ones: the tax deduction for mortgage interest on high-end houses, the deduction for employer-paid health insurance (which would be far more disruptive than the Affordable Care Act), charitable contributions, or the special rate for capital gains. Much of the complexity of the tax code is now at the low end, in the myriad of credits that are partially refundable, such as the Child Tax Credit. While these should be simplified, the goal of doing so shouldn’t be to raise revenue, since it would mean raising taxes on lower-income workers."

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This is why this is the hottest potato of all. When rubber hits road, no one dares act.  The alternative is to come up with the Sustainability Invention that has not been created yet. Failing that Road Warrior weirdness. 24/7 reality TV.

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