The Coming Collapse of TV - YouTube Channels

On YouTube Channels, Whiff of TV Grows Stronger - NYTimes.com: "With regular weekly shows and viewer-friendly playlists, they are indeed slightly more televisionlike than the millions of mostly homemade videos that surround them. But the harder they try to resemble television, the less interesting they are.

¶ About 60 channels are active, and during a week spent rooting among them like a truffle hog in the YouTube forest, I unearthed more than a few tasty morsels."

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What sort of tasty morsels are you getting from TV these days? The automobile industry seeking to justify the fact that the only aesthetic pleasure left in the big world out there is the interior of a luxury car? The funniest ad on TV is very much like a good video. Simple and clever. But if we want that we can go to the video, right?


Like the car, gasoline, sprawl and other features of what I shall call the Cheney-Koch economy, TV is becoming onerous and is on the way to obsolescence. At some point, the notion of a clever wall will become standard and the wallpaper and paint industries will plummet and home improvement will become something that past generations concerned themselves with. TV will be replaced by a wall that you can talk to that can change within a nanosecond.

This is not the change the President dreamed of. It is the inexorable change that began in the 19th century when Charles Peirce discovered how we actually think.

And now -

The cyber revolution march-eth on and whenever there is a conflict the cyber triumphs. The only TV I can watch is TV with few or no ads. I have not yet schmoozed the Google paid super channels but I am thinking Second City and remembering a time when we were seeing the start of something big. Think Stewart-Colbert-Fey. I now watch them online.

TV is the sign of then.

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