The forward continuity chronology life person - WE becoming

I like the look of thistled, ruined walls.
I send regards to scholars, one and all.
What is a scholar but a spectator,
Who values only objectivity?
“But I shall go out and observe the field!
But who will there be to talk to out there?”
What is a thought if not thought by yourself?
I come before all in simplicity.
I cannot offer multiples of truth.
I say Abba’s at hand, within, around.
If you ask who, I say, Go ask Abba!

There is Peirce suggested a second person within
with whom we converse constantly
I see this as the forward continuity chronology life person
as WE becoming
To speak with Abba within is not to address this person
but to acknowledge the mystery which you by faith
accept as familiar and friendly 
as Jesus did
using the daddy word  Abba
The text above is from "Abba's Way"
in which Jesus is imagined to have returned
to speak his mind

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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