Let's Win This With Words, How About It?

I plan to contribute what I can to the re-election of Barack Obama
and to placing Congress  in the hands of a sane majorities
I do not want to match the Republicans with money
I want to defeat them roundly with words

According to the Gospel of John 
a Word made this whole thing
Words are surely capable of doing in the destructive
unpatriotic spoiled perverse forces
that have kept us at the edge of the cliff  W dangled us from  

A simple word well-applied  can win this
Everyone knows Mitt is a flip flopper
Everyone knows he is captive of the Right Wing 
But do we know what a risk he is
Mitt Romney is more risky than W
Make a list of important things
Append Romney and risk
The associations are manifold
Genuine and chilling

Our President has been a bulwark
He has made us secure
and set us on a path of stability
in spite of an attack that has not been seen
since the decade prior to the Civil War

We need to show the truth
With words 
We muffed it in 2000 and 2004 
We saw the light in 2008
We should easily beat the Republicans in 2012
We should meet every fund-raising goal
We should continue to build the greatest grass roots effort ever
But most of all we need to get the words right
Lets not make people's eyes bleary with what they already know
Let's show them fear in a substantial handful of notes 
of just what would happen to us if Mitt Romney were to become President

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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