Mildred Purse is applying to be one of the Romney horses

The National Memo » Strange But True: Mitt Romney Picked The Music For His Horse’s Dance Competition: "It takes car elevator wealth to participate in the sport. “It runs thousands of dollars a month to maintain,” Braddick said in the same interview. “They have pretty much everything — a farrier, a chiropractor, a vet, a masseuse for the horses. Just like any professional athlete at that level.”"

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It is clear that Mitt lives in a world far removed . I am allergic to horses. I kept clear of the stables as a child.  But now to be a Romney horse would be a remarkable step up, worth a lot of Claritin or whatever it is. At my beck and call, a masseuse, a chiropacter.  Think of it, at my age, learning to dance to music Mitt picks out himself. Now I always liked Gerald Ford because he did so little as president. Perhaps we could look to Mitt to keep up this tendency. After all he will still be needed for the horses. And if I get in, I'll be closer to him than anyone. I might even whisper sweet Democratic nostrums in his royal ear. 

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