Mildred Purse says Karl Rove is full of it

I would not raise this save for the photo of Karl Rove below. I think he is in dire straits. We may be in line for a medical event of historic proportions. The man looks as if he could use serious respite. You see. Folk who spew bile on a 24/7 basis (even in their sleep) suffer a strange contrarian phenomenon, owing to conscience that dwells deep within in even the most wicked and retrograde souls. When a certain limit is reached, the entire system shuts down until penitence occurs, enabling the sluices, as it were, to reopen. I will not bother you further. A picture is worth 1000  whatevers. 

Karl Rove is attacking our candidates in five states. Help us match his buy to counter these attacks. Contribute.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm.

Evil is measured by relative degrees of harm. To be delivered from evil  is to be  free from receiving or inflicting abuse.  Bully...