A Quora Thread That Gives the Lie to the Anti-Government Folk

(16) Silicon Valley: Why has Silicon Valley proved difficult to copy? - Quora:

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Quora is becoming a magnet for intelligent responses to relevant questions.

I am tempted to say, in reference to the image, that that's better than the Secret Service, of late.


The celebration of Silicon Valley raises two questions for me.

Why has it produced no macro-industry - construction and transportation being the main ones. Its insights have informed everything without affecting the general lay of the land in terms of these two huge areas.

And if a concentration  of brains and money are deemed essential, why do we still venerate lone inventors who required no Silicon Valley. Peirce posited the logic that helped create the computer and was a social and academic reject.

If it is true that certain factors work to create prosperous and creative communities, there is surely room to posit a prosperity of scale where in every field one or more of my cyber-communities would ad to the social good.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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