There are too many truths, all theory fails

I was a scholar at the age of twelve.
Now see my dress, my life, my wandering way.
No more a sought-after iconoclast.
No scholarly profiles or praise for me.
I chose this path to learn the whole of life.
And yet no scholar will accept this claim.
I wander with the vacant-eyed and lost.
And sometimes I collect a spark of life.
I look for Abba’s flame in everyone.
No scholar will see this as fair travail.
I know the truth is too much to be known.
There are too many truths, all theory fails.

"Abba's Way" from which this text is drawn
imagines Jesus come to set us right
to free the original message from its creedal wraps
and establish the universality of a way
meant from the foundation to be non-proselytizing 
and inclusive

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