There is a new kind of manufacturing coming

When we see the world must be remade
We will need smart surfaces
And safe enclosures
That have little to do with what we now build
We will need the matrix or housing
for the elements of networking that are macro
For the eco-structures of the new communities
No one can afford sustainability
Only WE can
Ten thousand living with a single matrix in which are nested
the elements of waste removal, water cycling, energy and so forth
This matrix made support modular spaces so smart that things like
Clunky furniture will be a memory
Asbestos filled and crumbly building materials will be gone
In other words Japan apply your smarts to the macro-sphere
and build away
What ever nation does this will lead the way
Beyond oil
Beyond the car
Beyond sprawl

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Get Triadic

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