Today transparency is inevitable

I said, All secrets shall be manifest
And that all hidden things shall be revealed.
Now those with eyes to see know this is so.
Realities of goodness show the truth,
Creative exploration bears new grace.
All secrets and all hidden things unfold,
To the extent we walk in Abba’s Way.
Our Abba is no hostile enemy,
Who sends harsh bolts of angry lightning down.
Abba is close as breath and whispered truth,
And within you is Abba’s presence found.

Today transparency is inevitable
It is the fruit of commonality
Of ultimately having more that unites us
than divides us
Democracy in the widest sense
is the value which with tolerance
helpfulness and non-idolatry
underlies the sea change
that challenges secrecy at its root

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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