2010 How Wrong We Were - A Cautionary Post

If we cannot pull together this year ...  

Obama Will Win the Election This Fall 2010

Obama Will Win
The Election This Fall --
A Polypoem

for David Plouffe

To "On Top of Old Smoky"

We need a new Congress
Not full of wingnuts
If we don't get one
We'll be out of luck

Cause Congress will fool you
And tell you more lies
Than cross ties on a railroad
Or stars in the skies

The Republican Party
Thinks the past's on their side
Along with the pundits
And the rest of the snide

But Obama is running
And Obama's no fool
While wingnuts are boiling
He's playing it cool

But behind his coolness
A great fire burns
On the fifth of November
The nation will learn

The people will do it
They'll throw the jerks out
And when it's all over
We're all gonna shout

We have a new Congress
Obama has won
And now his agenda
Can finally get done

We'll move beyond oil folks
We'll move toward green
McCain will be silenced
And we'll be less mean

Obama will win it
As in 2008
The young and the rising
Will decide our fate

Obama's not perfect
But neither are we
Let's all pull together
And make history

Obama Will Win The Election This Fall is a song to the tune of "Old Smoky" suggesting that the President will emerge victorious following the November, 2010, elections.

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