Barack Obama did infrastructure from day one

Barack Obama 
Did infrastructure from day one 
And roads and bridges and power plants 
Now are repaired
The auto industry 
Breathes some new life
One third of the whole stimulus 
Was set aside 
For Infrastructure 
And now that money is going into 
Projects that will change the very face 
Of things to come
A grid to make it possible to 
Live anywhere and 
Be connected to 
As revolutionary as 
40 acres and a mule 
Light rail is just a predecessor to the 
Zapping of air travel 
As the preferred way to get from 
Here to there

From the start our President 
Set eyes beyond 
The near horizon 
And toward work on the ground
And this will happen 
Ever more visibly 
Until people say 
See what is happening
And feel 
A brand new freedom 
To be and to do 
To plan and realize
The President's accomplishments 
Will prove 
The reason why 
What people scoff today 
Will be 
Our common success 
In years to come

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