Biblical hermeneutics is an impossible subject - 8 salient sites

Biblical hermeneutics is an impossible subject because it is dominated by fundamentalists on one side and a balkanized plethora of modernist and post-modern interpreters on the other.

Moreover, when we come to sites on biblical hermeneutics, we are lost in pdf files, curricula links and pages designed to sell this or that book. As you will see below, the best link I found was buried in the back of the Google results, meaning that what may be good for SEO is not very good for actually helping folk to find what's useful.

Fancy term

Hermeneutics is a fancy term for interpretation of texts. Biblical hermeneutics has been locked in the very culture war that we all know and love. The Chicago Statement noted below is an example of the comprehensive fundamentalist attack on anything that smacks at a denial of the divine inerrancy of the text of the Bible.

Into this wall bump many modernist and post-modern efforts to mess with the canon, if I may cadge a cavil from my bedside-mentor Harold Bloom. I throw my hands up. I would last one minute or less in a catechism conducted by fundamentalists.

But this exercise forces me to own up to my own hermaneutic, even though it will never be honored or taught. So as not to bore, my hermeneutic says that the Pentateuch is mainly about blaming YHWH for everything, that the high prophets and Job taken together veer directly into the mind of Jesus and that Jesus himself is done in in the New Testament by the good efforts of persons so unaware of what he was about that they turned him into the very thing he did not want to be turned into.

As Rem says, I've said too much.

Here, in any case, with a few descriptive emendations, are my candidates for the 8 Best Biblical Hermaneutics sites.

Web Directory: Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics) A useful and substantial collection of links on the subject of Biblical interpretation and hermeneutics buried in the back of Google results. I give it a first position.

Feminist Hermeneutics and The Bible: "However, if the exegete can expose contemporary abuse and prejudice in the use of the texts, revealing that the consequences of the Fall have perpetuated the oppression of women even by means of the Word itself, then she may serve the cause of Feminism within the bounds of faithfulness to scripture."

biblical literature :: Types of biblical hermeneutics -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Biblical Hermeneutics: "Biblical Hermeneutics in Relation to Conventions of Language Use in Africa"

Interpretation of the Bible - Theopedia

Biblical Hermeneutics -- Milton S. Terry Exhaustive, detailed, interesting.

Hermeneutics - Bible study interpretation Shows the difficulties of arriving at an agreed interpretation.

Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics Fundamentalist
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