What happens when Romney is ten points down going into Tampa? Complete Revision

Updated 13 May 2012

Ten points down means that he is 
ten points below President Obama in popularity
Ten points down means that he is
tied to a social agenda that already is
a virtual guarantee of a GOP defeat
That is to say anti-gay, anti-woman and
unwilling to budge on stances that poll negative

If he is ten points down he will become 
the sacrificial lamb 
Because under such conditions no one 
in today's GOP would have a better chance

He is exactly what has become of the GOP
It is not beauty and the beast
But it is close
The GOP has morphed into a monster
And Mitt is dangling in the wind
The GOP's trophy candidate
Tied to positions a majority cannot embrace

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes


The Slow as Molasses Press