Market forces may inspire investment in communities that are post automobile

The actual risks of continued reliance 
on cars and oil include wars 
death to oceans 
and vehicle deaths 
and injuries

It is anticipated that these vehicle deaths 
will be the fifth leading cause of all dying
in the year 2020 around the whole world 

There will be more oil deaths than HIV/AIDS deaths 
by 2020 the UN concludes 

The oil and car businesses can show reductions in deaths
but these do nothing to vitiate the assumptions of the UN 

The most at risk are not the most well-to-do 

As knowledge of the actual risks are understood
the oil and car response will be to do anything legal or not
to maintain the precedence of oil as a fuel 
and of the private car as the lead product of the auto industry 

1 The world has clearly accepted oil and car 
as the self evident basis of all planning. 

2  The brute reality is resistance of the economy 
to the pressures created by this commitment 

Not only will oil eventually run out 
It will become more expensive as populations mount 
and competition to buy it increases 


Market forces
may inspire investment in communities 
that are post automobile 
creating a gradual transition to a new form of society

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