Mildred Purse Deep-Sixes the "Romney Won't Debate Obama" Rumor

Who dares to suggest that  Mitt Romney 
won't debate President  Obama
That suggests to me that Mitt cannot defend himself
I ask you to look at the record
The man has won everywhere without being popular
Top that if you can
Well he has done it mainly with other people's money
Ha top that
To a winner like Mitt a debate with President Obama
will be child's play
If he can do the above feats he can surely
fake out Barack Obama
I can just see young Mitt standing over an inert President
like a hunter over a felled lion  
adding him to his unbroken string of  
political  triumphs
Let's see that would be Ma ...
There must be something ...

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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