Mildred Purse Suggests a Mt. Everest Climb for John Boehner

Our doyenne of Beacon Street is never minus ideas.

Now John you do not believe in global warming so you are ideal. Take yourself and your Tea Party freshmen over to Nepal and scale Everest. Go where even the Sherpas dare not go due to the warming. Take a lot of booze to fortify your climb. As you make global headlines. InTrade will gamble on the prospects of  disaster. You will distract everyone from the collapse of America due to your single-handed efforts to scare the President. You will avoid the continuing embarrassment of your party due to your transparently insincere attempt to play the same game you lost last year. The only thing you will risk is being buried in the proof of what you have refused to believe. As the prophet Miciah said to King Jehosephat, Go up and conquer.

Boehner Cites Cow Farts To Downplay Global Warming (VIDEO) http://buff.ly/JW3cnG

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