Obama Focus on The Future

Nothing tougher than the truth
Our current global oil automobile sprawl economy
is unaffordable for most
What can we do to forge an American Dream that is 
attainable affordable profitable
We can center on reclaiming of life at the grass roots
Safer life with fewer cars
Services scaled to communities
Communities more and more walkable and bike-able
More face to face social life
More attractive public space
More living where you work and working where you live
Zoning to make living walkable
with most things needed within reach
Less domination of our lives by the machine
the interchange, incessant emphasis on
what is increasingly unaffordable
All this requires a prodigious leap to thinking
Past oil
Past sprawl
Past almost exclusive reliance on the car
We need to heal the economy by imagining new economies
that improve life and health
and make education affordable to all
Today's way won't cut it
Tomorrow is up to us and our native abilities.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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