Obama is the Third in the Plutocracy Democracy Triad

When Obama ran in '08 I felt vindication 
as a CRV
I think all who were in the Civil Rights Movement felt it
I did not anticipate the virulence
of the GOP reaction

To condense it
In the eyes of the GOP Obama is the Great Destroyer
Since this is hogwash
it remained for Abba to help us see 
the cause of it

For the first time since the 1960s 
the issue of plutocracy
versus democracy
was being raised
bare naked

And Obama has always had the admirable wisdom
to seek a Middle Course beyond
not far from where the sane in the GOP once were
Not far from TR's progressive reforms

To the extent that the GOP is genuinely apoplectic
it is because Obama has deprived them of any veneer
He has done what they hypocritically say they do
He is the Synthesis 
beyond the dichotomy of
Plutocracy and Democracy

But democracy is more than majority rule
It is an ontological value that trumps plutocracy
Even  as Obama reminds us that we are republicans
It is we who have to remind ourselves and everyone 
of the actuality of democracy 
which includes
the rights of all
the universal right to freedom
the universal right to justice
in short the whole skein of arguments
by which we must bring down the
sad lumpen who mouth vile Rushisms
without knowing what they do
They serve the purposes of the 
manipulative Koch Rove plutocrats
They are the enemies of reality

Obama is the Third in the Plutocracy Democracy Triad
That is what is redemptive about this year and the coming election
And it is the realistic seal of out ultimate success

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