Post-Sarkozy Letter from A Friend In Paris

Mes Amis,

Bonjour! We're now in Paris, in time to say goodbye to Sarkozy. Last night we went to a barbecue ...in anticipation of Sarkozy's defeat. It was a crowd of academics, artists, writers, etc.They were ecstatic as the returns came in -- as were we. The interesting thing is that at the retail level, every one seems to welcome Sarkozy's defeat. In the outlying areas beyond Paris and flashed on the TV screen, the vote for Hollande was overwhelming, which caused me to wonder where Sarkozy mustered his 48%.

I must say that he (Sarkozy) gave a very gracious concession speech, showing more generosity than he ever did in office, professing not only a great appreciation for the privilege of serving France but seemingly wishing Hollande genuine best wishes for undertaking the same honor. He followed that up today by inviting Hollande to celebrate at his side tomorrow's celebrations of V-E Day, which are still a big deal in France ...

In any case Sarkozy leaves office on a high note and desires that France be unified under its new leader. While some cynics say he was preparing for the next election, I say he will probably follow Tony Blair's example and go for some big bucks in the private sector, made possible by a globalized economy that can use boutique former politicians with ample rolodexes. What player in the market would not return a call from Nicolas Sarkozy?

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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