Put real people up against the Kochs

Is Obama More Popular Than He Should Be? - NYTimes.com: "Nevertheless, “the blame game” conceivably has something to do with why Mr. Obama has remained more popular than we might expect. And if his better-than-expected popularity continues, it might give him just enough of an edge to defeat Mitt Romney in what is likely to be a close election."

I can feel it coming
The close election cliff-hanger meme
We look at Romney and we think how dumb
But polls say things could actually tip his way
And 2010 returns like a nightmare
Will we be left with nothing else to say
Yes unless we can win people's hearts
We need to understand the deepest fears
That's why I pray please let the people speak
We need Walt Whitman now not clever wordsmiths
Until the people speak we come off cold
Why do people like the President
Why will people vote for him
Put real people up against the Kochs
Clever will not cut it people will

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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