Romney embraces the neo-cons be very afraid

The National Memo » Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Romney: "Fomer Vice President Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Jackson Hole, Wyoming home, in an effort to win over Bush loyalists who have yet to open up their checkbooks for the Republican nominee."

An opera about now might well be called Mitt Romney and the Neo-cons
Mitt Romney loves the neo-cons like Bush 2 loved Cheney
The neo-cons venerate everything that is destroying our world
The neo-cons know that oil will end and are building wealth to survive oil-ageddon
The neo-cons love sprawl and car-dependence 
Mitt Romney is in league with the neo-cons
The neo-cons want America to continue being Rome
A captive Senate serfs and legions all over = neo-con American Empire 
The neo-cons venerate wealth - for themselves
The neo-cons have no qualms about conducting triage on the world
No clearer reason to oppose Romney is his unholy embrace of the neo-cons

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